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  1. Aush ( noodles with pulses, meat and yoghurt)
    Categories: Afghan, Main dish
    Ingredients: plain flour, salt, cold water, additional flour, yellow split peas (daul nakhud), cold water, canned kidney beans w/liquid, salt, oil, finely chopped spinach, oil, medium onion; finely chopped, ground lamb or beef, salt, freshly ground black pepper, tomato puree, water, drained yogurt, dried mint; rubbed, hot chili pepper (or more), finely chopped coriander, salt to taste
  2. Bonjan salat (spicy eggplant salad)
    Categories: Afghan, Salads, Vegetarian, Vegan
    Ingredients: eggplants, coarse (kosher salt), corn oil, tomato sauce, pepper, hot red chili flakes, or minced fresh chiles, ground cinnamon, crushed dried mint
  3. Gosh feel (elephant ear pastries)
    Categories: Afghan, Ethnic, Pies & past
    Ingredients: eggs, sugar, salt, milk, oil, flour, flour; for kneading, ground cardamom, oil for deep-frying ---to finish-----, confectioner's sugar, ground cardamom; optional, pistachio nuts; finely chopped