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  1. Blueberry sherbet
    Categories: Ice cream, Fruits, Alcoholic, Holidays, Ice crmaker
    Ingredients: frozen blueberries,partially defrosted, or 2 cups fresh blueberries, stemmed and washed, milk, light corn surup, lime juice, triple sec or orange-flavore liqueur
  2. Chocolate devastation (part 1)
    Categories: Chocolate, Desserts, Alcoholic, Ice cream
    Ingredients: raisins, jack daniel's whiskey, semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream, half & half, unsweet chocolate, egg yolks, sugar, powdered sugar, cornstarch, unsweetened cocoa powder, egg whites, sugar, instant espresso, cream of tartar, salt, heavy cream, unsalted butter, sugar, semi-sweet chocolate, unsweetened chocolate
  3. Cold kahlua coffee punch
    Categories: Beverages, Ice cream, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: dry instant coffee, sugar, water; boiling, vanilla ice cream, kahlua, milk, water; cold
  4. Creme de menthe parfait
    Categories: Desserts, Ice cream, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: creme de menthe, crushed pineapple & juice, water, sugar, white corn syrup, salt, vanilla ice cream, green coloring
  5. Frozen amaretto zabagloine
    Categories: Ice cream, Freezer, Desserts, Fruits, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: nectarines; cut in chunks, sugar, half & half, egg yolks, amaretto, almonds; chopped, additional nectarines; slice
  6. Frozen lady heath dessert
    Categories: Desserts, Alcoholic, Ice cream, Freezer
    Ingredients: to 24 ladyfingers; split, instant coffee, water; boiling, 1.4oz heath bars; frozen, vanilla ice cream; softened, whipping cream, cream de cacao
  7. Frozen zabaglione ice cream
    Categories: Ice cream, Alcoholic, Ice crmaker
    Ingredients: half-and-half, sugar, salt, eggs, marsala
  8. Kahlua ice cream pie
    Categories: Cakes/pies, Ice cream, Freezer, Alcoholic, Chocolate
    Ingredients: chocolate wafer cookies, unsalted butter; melted, kahlua; divided, expresso powder, semi-sweet chocolate; choped, unsalted butter, ice cream; vanilla, coffee, or chocolate chip, chocolate ice cream, whipping cream; whipped
  9. Kahlua-colada parfaits
    Categories: Ice cream, Desserts, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: macaroon cookies, kahlua, vanilla ice cream, rum, crushed pineapple, in juice; well drained, shredded coconut; toasted
  10. Mocha ice cream cake
    Categories: Desserts, Alcoholic, Chocolate, Ice cream, Cakes/pies
    Ingredients: ladyfingers, coffee ice cream; softened, chocolate ice cream; soften, instant coffee granules, coffee flavored liqueur, toffee bars; crushed, chocolate sauce, heavy cream; whipped
  11. Never on sunday chocolate ice cream
    Categories: Ice cream, Chocolate, Desserts, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: heavy cream, half & half, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, semi-sweet chocolate; chop, eggs; well-beaten, jack daniels whiskey
  12. Pump house peaches in flame
    Categories: Desserts, Fruits, Alcoholic, Ice cream
    Ingredients: sugar, port wine, tart cherry jelly, cinnamon, salt, lime juice, peach halves; drained, brandy; heated, lemon ice cream
  13. Raspberry sherbet #2
    Categories: Ice cream, Fruits, Alcoholic, Holidays, Ice crmaker
    Ingredients: 10 oz. each frozen raspberries, defrosted, milk, nonfat dry milk, triple sec or orange juice
  14. Sundae apples
    Categories: Desserts, Fruits, Chocolate, Alcoholic, Ice cream
    Ingredients: red apples, sugar, water, cinnamon, red food coloring, lemon; sliced thin, orange; sliced thin, chocolate liqueur sauce, vanilla ice cream, walnuts; chopped, butter or margarine, unsweetened chocolate square, sugar, water, apple brandy -or- creme de cacao
  15. Tangerine buttermilk ice cream
    Categories: Ice cream, Fruits, Alcoholic, Ice crmaker
    Ingredients: tangerine juice (about 1 1/2 lbs. before juicing), buttermilk, half-and-half, sugar, lemon juice, triple sec, or orange-flavor liqueur, salt
  16. Chicken with walnuts
    Categories: Chicken, Main dish, Nuts, Alcoholic, Crockpot
    Ingredients: fryer chicken; cut up, salt, pepper, flour, butter or margarine, onion; finely chopped, cloves garlic; minced, ginger root; grated, bay leaf; crumbled, red wine, brandy, walnuts; finely chopped, juice of 1 lemon, grated orange peel, grated lemon peel
  17. Crockpot spiced rum cider
    Categories: Beverages, Crockpot, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: cinnamon sticks; broken, allspice; whole, whole cloves, apple juice, packed brown sugar, margarine; or butter, rum
  18. Pina colada bread pudding
    Categories: Breadpuding, Crockpot, Desserts, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: bread pieces, pina colada drink mix, pineapple juice, milk, canned skim, cream of coconut, bananas, eggs, irish cream, raisins, pineapple in juice, lemon peel, grated