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  1. Gazpacho salad mold with avocado-lime mayonnaise
    Categories: Appetizer, Salads, Vegetarian, Karen's
    Ingredients: tomato juice, ground red pepper, salt, or to taste, black pepper, sugar (if desired), agar flakes, finely chopped onion, finely chopped celery or- cucumber, fresh chili peppers stemmed, seeded & minced, avocados, just barely ripe, garlic clove, minced, strained fresh lime juice, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, finely chopped cilantro
  2. Asparagus salad - daley
    Categories: Cheese/eggs, Appetizer, Low-fat, Salad, Vegetable
    Ingredients: asparagus spears; trimmed, nonfat yogurt, blue cheese; crumbled, lemon juice, chives, garlic; peeled and minced, tomatoes; cored and wedged, salt and pepper; to taste, fennel
  3. Baked corn chips
    Categories: Appetizer, Chips, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: corn tortillas*, soft margarine
  4. Bean dip
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-cal, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: diced green chiles, green onions,chopped, garlic powder, unsalted tomato sauce, ground cumin, vegetarian refried beans*
  5. Beans in a flask
    Categories: Italian, Appetizer, Low-chol, Bean, Cake
    Ingredients: shelled fresh beans*, olive oil, several sprigs fresh thyme, freshly ground black pepper, cloves garlic, lg. tomato,seeded,chopped
  6. Broccoli canapes
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: bunch fresh broccoli, lite salt or less or none, lemon, juiced, olive oil, stuffed olives,cut in half
  7. Chicken fingers w/dipping sauce
    Categories: Appetizer, Poultry, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: boneless skinless; chicken, halves., plain lowfat yogurt, soda crackers; crushed, dried thyme, dried marjoram, curry powder, salt to taste ---dipping sauce-----, plain lowfat yogurt, catsup, celery; finely chopped, soy sauce, garlic, finely chopped; opt., ground black pepper
  8. Chowchow
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Low-fat
    Ingredients: tomatoes,finely chopped, diced green chiles(4 oz), olive oil, garlic powder, green onions,finely chopped, black olives,sliced(2.2 oz), vinegar
  9. Crab spring rolls - cooking light
    Categories: Chinese, Low-fat, Seafood, Appetizer
    Ingredients: sugar, pink grapefruit juice, fresh lime juice, freshly ground pepper, vegetable cooking spray, thinly sliced bok choy, finely chopped green onions, fresh lime juice, minced fresh cilantro, minced pickled ginger, salt, freshly ground pepper, lump crabmeat; shell pieces removed, egg roll wrappers, egg white, olive oil, gourmet salad greens, pink grapefruit sections, slivered almonds; toasted
  10. Cream puff shells
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-cal, Seasonings, Low-fat
    Ingredients: skim milk, flour, egg whites*, soft margarine, lite salt
  11. Creamy tomato-stuffed caps
    Categories: Side dish, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: mushrooms, large white, tomatoes, sun-dried halves, olive oil, onion, shopped, garlic cloves, minced, skim milk, parmesan cheese grated, vinegar, balsamic, bread crumbs, dry
  12. Dilldip
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Spread, Low-cal
    Ingredients: low-fat cottage cheese, fresh lemon juice, onion,finely chopped, beau monde seasoning, low-fat buttermilk, lite mayonnaise, parsley,finely chopped, dilweed
  13. Eggplant delight
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Spread, Low-cal
    Ingredients: eggplants, scallion,finely minced, green pepper,finely chopped, olive oil, lemon juice-fresh or more, onion,finely minced, garlic,finely minced, tomato,finely chopped,peeled, sugar, grond pepper to taste
  14. Fruity cheese ball
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: healthy choice ff cr. cheese softened, sherry, h.c. ff cheddar cheese, shredded, dried appricots, choped, green pepper, finely chopped, orange rind, grated, parsley, chopped, melba rounds, miniature rice cakes
  15. Great little snackers
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Spread, Freezes, Low-cal
    Ingredients: olive oil, garbanzo beans,16 oz.,drain, lite mayonnaise, chili powder, alfalfa sprouts for topping, large onion,chopped, tahini, low sodium tamari, water as needed.1-2 t, low-fat crackers
  16. Herbed tofu dip
    Categories: Appetizer, Spread, Dip, Low-cal
    Ingredients: 22 oz firm tofu(11 oz), chopped fresh parsley, dijon mustard, dill weed, cloves garlic,minced, celery seed, sliced green onions, prepared horseradish, onion powder, lite salt or less or none
  17. Hummous
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Spread, Low-cal
    Ingredients: garbanzo beans*, fresh lemon juice or more, water as needed, tahini, garlic clove,chopped fine, chopped parsley
  18. Indonesian spring rolls
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: water chestnuts, can pineapple, oil, scallions; chopped, garlic; minced, bean sprouts, mushrooms; diced, salt and pepper, wonton wrappers, eggbeaters
  19. Light and easy guacamole
    Categories: Dip, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: frozen peas; thawed (8 oz.), avocado; peeled and pitted, tomatoes, large; peeled, seeded and chopped, garlic cloves; minced, red onion, minced, lemon juice, fresh, chili powder, salt, cumin, ground, cayenne pepper
  20. Low-cal dill dip
    Categories: Dip, Appetizer, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: nonfat plain yogurt, reduced-calorie mayonnaise, chopped green onions w/tops, parsley flakes, dried dill weed, celery salt, onion powder
  21. Marinated mushrooms
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: fresh mushrooms, onion,sliced & seperated, sugar, water, pepper, tarragon vinegar, clove garlic, lite salt or less or none, canola oil, cayenne
  22. Mock sour cream
    Categories: Dip, Appetizer, Topping
    Ingredients: low-fat cottage cream, fresh lemon juice(or more), low-fat buttermilk
  23. Mushroom nut pate
    Categories: Appetizer, Pate, Spread, Low-cal
    Ingredients: fresh mushrooms,sliced, clove garlic,minced, canola oil, chopped parsley, small onion,sliced, toasted slivered almonds, thyme leaves, tabasco
  24. Pita chips
    Categories: Appetizer, Chips, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: pita bread, garlic powder as needed
  25. Popeye's spinach dip
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Spread, Low-cal
    Ingredients: frozen spinach(10 oz.), plain non-fat yogurt, water chestnuts(8 oz.), dry veg. soup mix, lite mayonnaise, chopped chives/green onions
  26. Refried beans
    Categories: Appetizer, Bean, Cake, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: uncooked pinto beans, cloves garlic,minced, ground cumin, chopped onion, canola oil, * exported from mastercook ii *
  27. Scallion dip
    Categories: Dip, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: low-fat cottage cheese, scallions (green onions); chopped, fresh parsley; chopped, low-fat yogurt
  28. Skinny ranch dip
    Categories: Appetizer, Dip, Low-fat
    Ingredients: (24-oz)carton nonfat cottage, cheese, (1.1 oz) envelope reduced, calorie ranch-style dressing, skim milk, white vinegar
  29. Smoked salmon spread
    Categories: Spreads, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: ricotta cheese, smoked salmon; chopped, fresh dill; chopped, capers, drained, lemon juice, ketchup, prepared horseradish, salt, pepper
  30. Spinach pesto appetizer
    Categories: Spinach, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: nonfat cottage cheese; press w/spoon to remove all moisture, pk frozen chopped spinach; thaw, pk reduced-fat cream cheese; cut in pieces, romano; grated, egg, egg whites, garlic; minced, dried basil, salt, fresh ground pepper, cherry tomatoes; garnish, fresh basil; garnish
  31. Spinach salad in fresh orange dressing w/ pine nuts-daley
    Categories: Low-fat, Garlic, Appetizer, Salad
    Ingredients: navel oranges; chilled, spinach; trimmed, watercress, pine nuts, shallot; minced, garlic; peeled and minced, balsamic vinegar, sherry vinegar, freshly ground black pepper - to taste
  32. Wonton chips
    Categories: Breads, Appetizer, Low-fat
    Ingredients: pk wonton skins, sesame seeds; toasted or, dried marjoram or thyme, salt to taste