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  1. Argentine marinade
    Categories: Argentina, Condiment, Ceideburg 2
    Ingredients: saffron threads, virgin olive oil (1 20ml), white wine vinegar (1 20 ml), spanish onion, diced, garlic cloves, pressed, parsley, chopped, thyme, lemon juice, salt & pepper
  2. Creole stuffing
    Categories: Argentina, Poultry, Stuffing, Ceideburg 2
    Ingredients: butter, onion, finely chopped, pork and veal mince, stale white bread, milk, bay leaf, crumbled, oregano, parsley, finely chopped, hard boiled eggs, chopped, pitted greek olives, chopped, mango flesh, peeled and chopped, salt and pepper, eggs, tightly beaten.
  3. Crillo de pollo
    Categories: Argentina, Chicken, Ceideburg 2
    Ingredients: onions, coarsely chopped, chicken, cut into serving pieces, breast cut into 4 pieces, salt, pepper, garlic cloves, minced, dried thyme leaves, crushed, bay leaves, chicken stock, russet potatoes, peeled, cut into chunks, carrots, cut into 2-inch pieces, of corn, cut into 3-inch pieces, egg yolk, beaten, cream, arrowroot (optional), minced parsley, minced cilantro