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  1. Basturma (georgian pomegranate marinated grilled lamb)
    Categories: Asian, Meats, Barbecue, Marinade
    Ingredients: boneless leg of lamb, for the marinade:, fresh pomegranate juice (or, pomegranate syrup), onion, grated, cloves garlic, minced, extra virgin olive oil, freshly ground black pepper, chopped fresh cilantro,, plus, for garnish, bay leaf, crushed, ground coriander, freshly ground black pepper, salt, lemon wedges for serving
  2. Citrus and sherry marinade
    Categories: Sauces, Barbecue, Marinade
    Ingredients: orange juice, sherry, dry, green onion, chopped, ginger, soy sauce, light, oil, garlic, minced
  3. Marinated flank steak
    Categories: Barbecue, Marinade, Beef
    Ingredients: consomme; or, beef bouillon, red wine, soy sauce, green onions; sliced, garlic; minced, lime juice, brown sugar
  4. Sate babi - pork satay
    Categories: Pork, Barbecue, Marinade
    Ingredients: pork filet or, boned pork loin, onion; rough chop, clove garlic, fresh ginger; chop, tamarind liquid =or=, lemon juice, dark soy sauce, sambal ulek =or=, fresh red chile; seed & chop, salt, palm sugar =or=, dark brown sugar, peanut oil
  5. Sate bumbu dendeng - coconut-cream marinated dog on skewe
    Categories: Asian, Barbecue, Marinade, Game
    Ingredients: dogmeat, pickled hot pepper sauce., marinade:, coconut cream, soy sauce, garlic, onions, ground coriander, ground cumin, salt and pepper
  6. Sauce for barbeque chicken
    Categories: Barbecue, Sauces, Marinade
    Ingredients: catsup, tabasco, brown sugar, garlic; finely minced, worcestershire, dry mustard, vinegar, salt
  7. Wet marinade/beef
    Categories: Marinade, Barbecue, Beef
    Ingredients: bourbon, brown sugar, soy sauce, cilantro ; chopped, lemon juice, worshestershire sauce, water, thyme ; chopped
  8. Barbecued garlic
    Categories: Appetizers, Barbecue
    Ingredients: heads garlic, butter, springs of fresh rosemary *
  9. Garlic buttered shrimp
    Categories: Seafood, Barbecue, Appetizers
    Ingredients: fresh peeled and deveined shrimp, margarine or butter, clove garlic, minced, snipped fresh parsley, red pepper, dry white wine
  10. Grilled seafood kabobs
    Categories: Appetizers, Barbecue, Seafood
    Ingredients: large shrimp (deveined), fresh sea scallops, large mushrooms, bottled barbecue sauce, honey, stone ground dijon mustard, wooden skewers, fresh fruit (as garnish)
  11. Grilled shrimp
    Categories: Seafood, Barbecue, Appetizers
    Ingredients: raw cleaned shrimp, water soaked bamboo skewers, olive oil, salt, lemon juice, cayenne pepper, chopped fresh parsley, black pepper, grated ginger, dried thyme, ground coriander seeds
  12. Onion rings
    Categories: Appetizers, Barbecue
    Ingredients: onions, all-purpose flour, corn meal, onion powder, salt, milk, egg, water, orange food color