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  1. Apple bread pudding
    Categories: Breadpuding, Crockpot, Fruits
    Ingredients: to 9 pieces white or egg bread, butter, apples, preferably golden delicious, lemon juice, grated lemon rind, to 1 cup brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, apple juice, golden raisins, toasted walnuts, optional
  2. Pina colada bread pudding
    Categories: Breadpuding, Crockpot, Desserts, Alcoholic
    Ingredients: bread pieces, pina colada drink mix, pineapple juice, milk, canned skim, cream of coconut, bananas, eggs, irish cream, raisins, pineapple in juice, lemon peel, grated
  3. Raspberry bread pudding
    Categories: Breadpuding, Sauces, Crockpot
    Ingredients: toasted bread cubes, scalded milk, eggs, egg yolks, sugar, almond extract, melted butter, fresh or frozen raspberries*, whipped cream for garnish, pkg. frozen raspberries, raspberry jam, few drops lemon juice, sugar, optional, raspberry liqueur, optional, *or use blackberries, marion berries, loganberries, etc.