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  1. Venison goulash
    Categories: game, camping, neysa
    Ingredients: oil, venison, from neck, flank,, shanks, cut into cubes 1 to, 1 1/2 inches, onions, very thinly sliced, paprika, salt, green bell pepper, thinly, sliced, seeds & pith removed, water
  2. Roast haunch of venison
    Categories: game, camping
    Ingredients: no ingredients
  3. Venison steak st. hubert
    Categories: game, camping
    Ingredients: no ingredients
  4. Venison roast with glaze
    Categories: game, camping, neysa
    Ingredients: orange juice, lemon juice, allspice, butter, orange juice, crabapple or currant jelly
  5. Sioux berry stew
    Categories: game, camping, native
    Ingredients: no ingredients
  6. Saskatoon pemmican
    Categories: fruits, game, camping, dehydrator, native
    Ingredients: jerky; beef or venison, dried saskatoon berries or dried bl; ueberries, unroasted sunflower seeds or crushe; d nuts of any kind, honey, peanut butter, cayenne [optional]
  7. Sticky bones
    Categories: Beef, Meat, Camping
    Ingredients: vinegar, honey, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, each salt, dry mustard, paprika, black pepper, clove garlic, minced, beef ribs
  8. Fish chowder
    Categories: Soups, Fish, Camping
    Ingredients: bacon, chopped onion, potaotes, peeled and sliced, salt and pepper, of whiskey, milk to cover, chunk of butter, paprika
  9. Shrimp and veggie curry
    Categories: Main dish, Seafood, Camping
    Ingredients: oil, onion; sliced, garlic; minced, curry powder, cinnamon, salt, water, carrots; sliced 1/4" thick, zucchini; quartered, sliced, canned whole tomatoes, cut, (half an 11 oz. can), raisins, shrimp, brown rice; cooked, bannana;coarsely chopped, (optional)