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  1. Risotto with lamb casserole
    Categories: Meats, Casseroles, Chronicle
    Ingredients: leg of lamb or lamb shoulder, trimmed, bones and cut into, 1-in cubes, olive oil, each, dried: rosemary,, thyme and white pepper, salt to taste, vegetable broth (recipe, follows), saffron threads or ground, turmeric, arborio rice, dry white wine, such as, pinot grigio, baby asparagus spears, each, cut into 2 (1-1/2-in pieces), and lightly steamed, freshly grated parmesan, cheese, tomatoes, chopped, vegetable broth, each, chopped: onion,celery,, carrots and mushrooms, water
  2. Mesquite grilled cumin-and-lime-marinated chicken
    Categories: Poultry, Chronicle
    Ingredients: cumin, fresh lime juice, olive oil, garlic, chopped, salt/freshly ground pepper, (6-oz)boneless, skinless, chicken breasts, relish, relish, ears corn in the husks, olive oil, cilantro,chopped plus sprigs, for garnish, cooked black beans, drained, salt/freshly ground pepper