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  1. Crawfish and corn soup
    Categories: Soups, Crawfish
    Ingredients: crawfish tails - peeled, corn - cut from the cob, reserving about 4 cobs, corn - cream-style, onions - finely chopped, ribs celery - finely chopped, med. bell pepper - finely chopped, green onions - finely chopped (use about 2 or 3", of the fresh green part), parsley - minced, clove garlic - minced (3 or 4 cloves, depending on size), butter, flour, worcestershire sauce, tomatoes - canned, drained (reserve liquid), bay leaf - or 2, thyme, salt, pepper and tabasco to taste, shells and claws for peeled crawish, not the heads, butter, brandy - or cognac, white wine, water, carrot - cut into large pieces, rib celery - cut into large pieces, green onions - cut into large pieces, sprig parsley - whole, clove garlic, bay leaf, thyme