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  1. Garlic-almond spread
    Categories: Appetizers, Dairy, Party, Holiday
    Ingredients: almonds, cloves garlic; peeled, peanut oil, cream cheese; at room temp, our cream;, worcestershire, dijon mustard, chopped parsley;fresh---->, dry rosemary, shallots; chopped, salt and pepper; to taste, heavy cream
  2. Clotted cream
    Categories: Dairy
    Ingredients: heavy whipping cream, milk (or more)*
  3. Nectarine yogurt a la donna
    Categories: Ice cream, Dairy, Diabetic
    Ingredients: nectarines, peeled & sliced, plain yogurt, whole milk, individual packs equal, vanilla (pure is best), equal spoonable
  4. Football cheese spread
    Categories: Abm spreads, Appetizers, Dairy, Meat
    Ingredients: cream cheese; softened, grated cheeddar cheese, can deviled ham, paprika for garnish
  5. Onion dips
    Categories: Dairy, Dips
    Ingredients: envelope dry onion soup mix, sour cream, frozen chopped spinach,, cook, and well drained, envelope dry onion soup mix, sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese, pimento, tabasco (to taste), envelope dry onion soup mix, sour cream, plain yogurt, finely chopped peanuts, curry powder (or to taste)
  6. Cheese sauce "adventures in microwave cook
    Categories: Sauces, Microwave, Dairy, Cheese
    Ingredients: butter or margarine, all-purpose flour, milk, salt, dry mustard, (2 ounces) shredded sharp, cheddar cheese
  7. Barbecued corned beef & cheese bread
    Categories: Breadmaker, Dairy
    Ingredients: -barb day gwhp32a, yeast, sugar, better for bread flour, gluten, salt, baking soda, sharp cheddar cheese;shredde, canned corned beef;chopped, barbecue sauce;bottled, very warm water, canned corned beef;chopped, ginger
  8. Easy blender frozen yogurt
    Categories: Dairy, Low-cal, Low-fat
    Ingredients: envelope unflavored gelatin, ;water, cold, ;water, boiling, instant nonfat dry milk, powder or 1/2 c non-instant, milk, lowfat vanilla yogurt, salt, can unsweetened frozen, orange juice concentrate,, partially thawed
  9. Coffee almond ice cream cake
    Categories: Dairy, Chocolate, Desserts
    Ingredients: chocolate wafer crumbs (abou, coffee ice cream, slightly s, vanilla, almonds, sliced and toasted, unsalted butter, melted, heavy cream, well chilled, amaretti, crushed (italian a, dark chocolate sauce (see re
  10. Rum cream pie
    Categories: Pastry, Dairy, Desserts
    Ingredients: pie crust recipe for single, sugar, dark rum, bittersweet chocolate shavin, lg egg yolks, heavy cream, well chilled, unflavored gelatin