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  1. Old man kelsey's deer jerky
    Categories: game, preserves, dehydrator
    Ingredients: to 2 lbs lean boneless deer meat, p; artially frozen, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce, ground pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, hickory smoked salt, firmly packed brown sugar, bottle liquid smoke
  2. Saskatoon pemmican
    Categories: fruits, game, camping, dehydrator, native
    Ingredients: jerky; beef or venison, dried saskatoon berries or dried bl; ueberries, unroasted sunflower seeds or crushe; d nuts of any kind, honey, peanut butter, cayenne [optional]
  3. My beef jerky-sharon stevens
    Categories: Makemeat, Dehydrator
    Ingredients: marinade---, soya sauce, worchestershire sauce, water, brown sugar, black pepper, red pepper flakes, salt, to 5 dashes hot pepper sauce i used 'cajun sunshine' pepper sauce water to cover