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  1. Making fresh mozzarella cheese-emeril
    Categories: Eggs/cheese, Emeril
    Ingredients: salt, 2 gallons water, pound fresh mozzarella curd, cup finely chopped basil, cup roasted garlic
  2. Mexican quiche 1
    Categories: Mexican, Eggs/cheese
    Ingredients: chilies, green, chopped, cheese, swiss, shredded, cream, light, cayenne pepper, bacon slices, cooked, crumbl, egg, salt, tostaco shells
  3. Mexican quiche 2
    Categories: Mexican, Eggs/cheese
    Ingredients: tortilla, 6" flour, sausage, egg, salt, cheese, jack, green pepper, chopped, milk
  4. 'light' impossible breakfast quiche
    Categories: Breakfast, Entree, Eggs/cheese, Low-fat
    Ingredients: low-fat cheddar cheese; grated, or half lf and half ff, ham, extra-lean; cubed, or 'light' sausage, cooked and crumbled, green onion, thinly sliced, eggs, eggbeaters, bisquick, 'light', butter, melted; (or omit and increase butter buds by same quantity, liquid butter buds, nonfat milk, salt, pepper
  5. Homemade egg substitute
    Categories: Eggs/cheese, Low-fat
    Ingredients: egg whites, canola oil, nonfat dry milk