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  1. Lamb's wool
    Categories: Beverages, English, Holiday
    Ingredients: apples, baking; cored, sugar, brown; up to 1/2 cup, cider, sweet; or hard cider or a mixture of cider & ale, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger; ground
  2. Hot chocolate souffles
    Categories: Dessert, Baking, English
    Ingredients: semisweet chocolate, chopped, lg egg yolks, dark rum, unsalted butter, melted, lg egg whites, cream of tartar
  3. Yorkshire oatcakes (from grigson's english food)
    Categories: Breads, English
    Ingredients: fine oatmeal, fresh yeast, salt (scant), water at blood heat
  4. Toad in the hole
    Categories: English, Sausages, Meats
    Ingredients: plain white flour, small eggs, salt, milk, 100% pork sausages
  5. Brandy-orange barbecued hens
    Categories: game, english, barbeque
    Ingredients: fresh cornish game hens, vegetable oil, lemon juice, divided, ground ginger, divided, salt and pepper to taste, orange marmalade, brandy
  6. Hot chocolate souffles
    Categories: Baking, English, Desserts
    Ingredients: semisweet chocolate, chopped, dark rum, lg egg whites, lg egg yolks, unsalted butter, melted, cream of tartar