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  1. Mana's spinach ricotta roll
    Categories: Entrees, Italian, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: spinach, cooked (fresh or frozen), ricotta cheese, fresh parsley, chopped, egg whites, flour, all-purpose, water, parmesan cheese, finely grated, marinara sauce, olive oil
  2. Loubia bil luz
    Categories: Entrees, Algerian, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: green beans, fresh, water, salted, peanut oil, garlic clove, mashed, ground cumin, paprika, ground cloves, almonds, slivered
  3. Potato-carrot kugel
    Categories: Vegetables, Entrees, Jewish, Usenet
    Ingredients: potatoes, peeled (about 4 lb), carrots, peeled, onion, peeled, eggs, chicken fat, melted, salt, sugar, flour, all-purpose, black pepper, ground, parsley, chopped, paprika
  4. Spinach and cheese curry
    Categories: Entrees, Indian, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: spinach, fresh, ricotta cheese, fresh (see note), brown onions, ginger, fresh (1 1/2 inches), chopped fine, tomato, cumin seeds, turmeric, red chile powder (cayenne; more to taste), cloves, nutmeg, mace, ghee (or use melted butter or oil), salt (to taste)
  5. Vegetarian moussaka
    Categories: Entrees, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: onions, olive oil, butter, mushrooms, minced (if you insist upon using meat, substitute 1 lb ground beef or lamb for the mushrooms), tomato paste, tomatoes, peeled and pureed, red wine, dry, parsley, chopped, cinnamon, garlic, finely chopped, oregano, sugar, milk, butter, flour, nutmeg, white pepper, olive oil, eggplant, eggs, beaten, ricotta cheese, bread crumbs, dry, kefalotyri or parmesan cheese, grated
  6. Bangin' bart
    Categories: Entrees, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: eggplants, unpeeled, diced, tomatoes, diced, onions, finely chopped, oil (or clarified butter), salt, black pepper
  7. Spanakopita
    Categories: Entrees, Greek, Appetizers, Usenet
    Ingredients: filo dough, olive oil, spinach (5 packages, if you use frozen spinach), butter, unsalted, onion, chopped, eggs, leeks, washed and chopped, feta cheese, bread crumbs, milk, salt, pepper
  8. Yam curry
    Categories: Entrees, Vegetables, Usenet
    Ingredients: yams, tender, salt (or less), vegetable oil for deep frying, ginger root, fresh (2 inches), garlic clove, vegetable oil (up to 3 t), cumin seeds, green cardamoms, bay leaf, peppercorns, cinnamon (1 inch stick), turmeric, chili powder (or use cayenne pepper), coriander, ground, garam masala (optional), salt to taste, tomatoes, fresh (or use about 8 oz canned tomatoes), yogurt, water, coriander leaves, chopped (cilantro)
  9. Christmas/thanksgiving stuffing
    Categories: Entrees, Holiday, Usenet
    Ingredients: beef, ground, butter, salt, white rice, raw, poultry liver (from the bird you are going to stuff), pine nuts, almonds (blanched), whole, prunes, pitted, raisins, chestnuts (up to 15)
  10. My mother's lettuce packages
    Categories: Entrees, Chinese, Cathe
    Ingredients: lettuce head, corn oil, walnut pieces, bean thread noodles, garlic, minced, pork, ground, green onions, smoked clams, water chestnuts (small), lettuce, coarsely chopped, soy sauce, cayenne pepper, oyster sauce, sherry, sugar, sesame oil, cornstarch, mixed with, water
  11. Peanut noodles
    Categories: Pasta, Entrees, Usenet
    Ingredients: chinese-style noodles, fresh, garlic chili paste, peanut butter, good (without added sugar), nam pla (fermented fish sauce), water, scallion stalks, chopped
  12. Cold noodles in spicy peanut sauce
    Categories: Entrees, Chinese, Pasta, Usenet
    Ingredients: garlic, minced (fresh), coriander, minced (fresh), peanut butter, soy sauce, light, sugar, rice wine (between 1/2 t to 1 t), hot bean paste (up to 2 t), sesame oil, lo mein noodles (other noodles will do, such as ramen noodles, or even spaghetti)
  13. Kluski z makiem i
    Categories: Entrees, Polish, Holiday, Usenet
    Ingredients: water, boiling, salt, egg noodles, butter, melted, vanilla extract, poppy seed cake and pastry filling, lemon juice, lemon peel, grated, raisins
  14. Bep's barmi goreng
    Categories: Entrees, Indonesian, Usenet
    Ingredients: tomatoes, peeled, chinese noodles, mince beef, middle bacon, tomato paste, onion, ketjap benteng manis (sweet soy sauce), sambal oelek (hot pepper condiment), boemboe nasi goreng (dehydrated vegetables and spices), sambal oedang kering (pepper condiment)
  15. Poncit
    Categories: Entrees, Filipino, Usenet
    Ingredients: cooking oil, garlic cloves, minced, onion, minced, meat, boiled (pork, chicken, or shrimp), carrot, cut into thin strips, cabbage, shredded, soy sauce, broth, celery, bunch, rice sticks or wheat noodles, salt, msg, spring onion, chopped
  16. Roulade of turkey with foie gras and sauterne sauce ...
    Categories: Roulade, Poultry, Entrees
    Ingredients: turkey breast, head savoy cabbage, fresh foie gras (can substitute same amount of chopped chicken liver), fresh cracked white pepper, kosher salt, sauterne wine, low-salt chicken broth, sun-dried cherries, sweet potato, vegetable oil
  17. Shu mei
    Categories: Entrees, Usenet
    Ingredients: turkey, ground, cornstarch (cornflour), sherry, dry, light soy sauce, ginger, grated or finely chopped, green onions, chopped, garlic cloves, crushed, minced or pressed, brown sugar, sesame oil, wonton wrappers, peanut oil, fish sauce (you may want to dilute this with water, depending on its strength), vinegar, sugar, garlic cloves, finely minced or pressed, ginger, finely minced or grated, red pepper, crushed
  18. Herbed cornbread dressing, part 1 of 2
    Categories: Entrees, Southwest, Holiday, Herbs, Usenet
    Ingredients: cornmeal, yellow, flour, all-purpose, salt, baking powder, egg (lightly beaten), vegetable oil, milk, vegetable oil, turkey neck (skin removed), giblets and gizzard from 1 turkey, leaves from 4 celery stalks, celery stalk, onion, quartered, water, bread cubes (herbed), yellow onion, chopped fine, celery stalks, chopped fine, rice, cooked (cooled uncovered overnight in a shallow dish), mushrooms, sliced, pecans, roughly chopped, butter (or margarine), salt, black pepper, rubbed sage, thyme
  19. Grilled chicken with peach and green chili salsa
    Categories: Entrees, Marinade
    Ingredients: **for the marinade:, cut-up chicken (5 to 6 lbs), cumin, fresh orange juice, olive oil, chili powder, **for the salsa:, chili powder, poblano chilies, roasted and diced, honey, chicken stock, or broth, peaches, peeled and chopped, garlic, minced
  20. Green chili, doc martin's
    Categories: American, Entrees, Meat
    Ingredients: ground chuck, ground pork, sirloin steak; cube, 1/2 inc, unsalted butter; plus 1 tabl, onion; chopped, garlic clove; minced, fresh coriander, tabasco sauce, oregano; crumbled, cumin, fresh parsley, black pepper, all-purpose flour, salt, chicken stock, beer, poblano peppers; roasted & c, tomatoes; peel, seed, chop
  21. Mama braun's spaghetti sauce
    Categories: Entrees, Mom
    Ingredients: ground beef (or 10 lb ground beef and 5 lb ground lamb), chicken necks and backs, boiled down in own broth, onion, unpeeled, beef stock, bell peppers, blended, progresso tomato paste, salt, mushrooms, sugar, oregano, gunk, to taste (see recipe)
  22. Fondue indienne
    Categories: Fondue, Entrees, Parties, Usenet
    Ingredients: garlic clove, crushed, onion, grated, dry white wine, curry powder (more or less, to taste), flour, cheddar cheese (matured), grated, fruit relish, spicy, salt, pepper, freshly ground, to taste
  23. Hobbit pie
    Categories: Entrees, Usenet
    Ingredients: pie crusts, deep dish (unbaked), eggs, beaten, flour, whole wheat, cheddar cheese, grated, mushrooms, sliced, onions, chopped fine, oil, cottage cheese, parsley, chopped, white wine, dry
  24. Chalupas
    Categories: Entrees, Tex-mex, Usenet
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, corn tortillas (the thinner the better), frijoles refritos (or less), cheddar cheese (sharp), grated, tomato, chopped, lettuce, shredded
  25. Ruben villavicencio's vegetable pie
    Categories: Entrees, Usenet
    Ingredients: potato (raw), packed, grated (about 3 large potatoes), salt, eggs, onion, grated (or more to taste), oil, butter, garlic clove, crushed (or more to taste), broccoli bunch, broken into small florets, basil, dried, thyme, cheddar cheese, grated, milk, paprika
  26. New mexico enchiladas
    Categories: Entrees, Southwest, Usenet
    Ingredients: beef, ground, garlic cloves, minced (or less), salt (more or less to taste), pepper, chili powder (or less, to taste), flour, tomato sauce, water, corn tortillas, eggs, vegetable oil, lettuce, shredded, tomato, chopped, onion, chopped, cheddar cheese, grated
  27. Chicken with chipped beef and bacon
    Categories: Entrees, Usenet
    Ingredients: chicken breast halves (4 whole breasts), chipped beef (1 package), bacon, mushroom soup concentrate (e.g. 1 can campbell's soup), sour cream
  28. Chalupa
    Categories: Entrees, Mexican, Crockpot, Usenet
    Ingredients: pinto beans, pork roast, water, onion, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, salt, chili powder, cumin, oregano, green chili peppers, chopped (one can)