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  1. Braised rabbit in wine sauce - fgci
    Categories: main dish, game, european
    Ingredients: rabbit; cut into serving pieces, flour, butter, chicken stock, chopped pancetta (italian bacon), olive oil, garlic; crushed, mushrooms; sliced, dry red wine, parsley; chopped, dried marjoram, tomato paste
  2. Bamberger krautbraten (bramberger meat & cabba
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: cabbage; head, small, vegetable oil, onions; medium, chopped, pork; lean, cubed, ground beef; lean, caraway seeds, salt, pepper, white wine; dry, vegetable oil, bacon; strips, thick sliced
  3. Bayerischer mit spargel (barvarian veal with a
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: veal; cubed, vegetable oil, onion; large, chopped, carrots; chopped, parsley; chopped, lemon juice; fresh, beef broth, unbleached flour, salt, pepper;fresh ground,to taste, frozen asparagus; * or, asparagus; fresh **
  4. Bayerischer wurstsalat (barvarian sausage sala
    Categories: European, Salads, Vegetables, Meat
    Ingredients: knockwurst; cooked / cooled, pickles; small, onion; medium, vinegar, mustard; prepared *, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, paprika, sugar, capers, parsley; chopped
  5. Braunschweiger
    Categories: Pork, Meat, European
    Ingredients: pork liver, trim and cube, pork butt w/ fat, cubed, ice water, dry milk powder, salt, sugar, finely minced onion, fine white pepper, crushed mustard seed, ground marjoram, ground allspice, ascorbic acid, saltpeter, feet medium hog casings
  6. Cabbage w/ smoked meats
    Categories: European, Ethnic, Meat, Vegetables, Main dish
    Ingredients: shredded cabbage leaves, pork shoulder boneless, bacon grease or oil, sauerkraut, bay leaves, peppercorns, onions medium chopped, allspice, smoked sauage , smoked ham dry if possible, flour, lard or crisco, ham stock
  7. Crazy pizza
    Categories: Meat, European
    Ingredients: ground beef, chopped green pepper, chopped onion, mushrooms, sliced, drained, pizza sauce, grated mozzarella cheese, flour, salt, italian seasoning, pepper, eggs, milk
  8. Greek style moussaka
    Categories: Meat, European, Vegetables
    Ingredients: eggplants, vegetable oil, onions; chopped fine, ground lamb; (or beef), tomato paste, red wine, chopped parsley, ground cinnamon, salt, freshly ground pepper, butter, flour, milk, eggs; beaten until frothy, grated nutmeg, ricotta or cottage cheese, fine bread crumbs, grated parmesan cheese
  9. Hochrippe und sauerkraut (spareribs and sauerk
    Categories: European, Meat, Pork, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: sauerkraut; canned (2 cans), spareribs; country style, paprika, beef bouillon cubes, caraway seeds, pepper, bacon; slices,rolled inflour
  10. Italian sausage with peppers and onions
    Categories: Meat, European
    Ingredients: mild italian sausage, 4 large onions (vidalia if, available), 3 medium green bell peppers, fresh mushrooms (optional), garlic powder, or 2 cloves, fresh crushed garlic, coarse ground black pepper, (best fresh ground from, mill), oregano, basil, nutmeg, 10-oz bottle sierra nevada, pale ale, (may substitute any, non-major chain brand ale, locally available;, don't use the really good, drinking stuff for this.)
  11. Kalbsschnitzel mit feinen gemusen (veal rounds
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: salt; or to taste, pepper; or to taste, paprika; or to taste, veal fillets; cut 1/4" thick, butter, stewed tomatoes; whole, white asparagus spears; *, mushrooms; fresh, sliced
  12. Kalbsschnitzel mit joghurt (veal steaks with y
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: veal; sliced thin, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, apples; med. peel and slice, evaporated milk, yogurt; small container
  13. Kalbssxhnitzel in currysosse (veal steaks / le
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: veal cutlets; sliced thin, salt, pepper, curry powder, vegetable oil, onions; diced, evaporated milk, tomato paste, lemon; juiced, parsley sprigs; chopped, cognac or brandy
  14. Kalsbrust mit krauterfullung (veal breast / he
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: bacon; strips, onion; medium, mushroom pieces; (1 can), fresh parsley; chopped, dill; fresh, chopped, tarragon leaves; dried, basil leaves; dried, ground beef; lean, bread crumbs; dry, eggs; large, sour cream, salt, pepper, boned veal breast; or, boned leg of veal, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, beef broth; hot, cornstarch, sour cream
  15. Kirsch-schnitzel (veal cutlets with cherry sau
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish, Fruits
    Ingredients: veal cutlets; lean *, vegetable oil, salt, pepper; white, red wine, evaporated milk, cherries;tart, canned, drain, parsley
  16. Lamb stewed w/beans
    Categories: European, Ethnic, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: lamb boneless & lean, onions chopped, kidney beans dried, butter, crisco*, garlic clove minced, flour, tomato paste, salt & pepper to taste
  17. Lithuanian koseliena saltiena (jellied pig's feet)
    Categories: European, Pork, Meat
    Ingredients: pigs feet (cut in half,, lengthwise), water, salt, black peppercorns, ribs of celery, including, leaves, cut into large, chunks, yellow onion, peeled, carrot, scrubbed and cut, into about 4 pieces
  18. Liver dumplings (jatrov knedliky)--czech
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: bread crumbs, chopped liver, duck prefered, chicken or beef may be, substituted, eggs, onion, garlic, pinch of marjoram, melted butter, salt & pepper to taste
  19. Mohren mit geschnetzeltern (beef strips and ca
    Categories: European, Meat, Vegetables, Main dish
    Ingredients: carrots, carbonated soda water, white wine, salt, sugar, sirloin steak, vegetable oil, onions; small, diced, white pepper, heavy cream, parsley; chopped
  20. Okra and lamb stew
    Categories: Soup, Meat, European
    Ingredients: boneless leg of lamb, cut, into long strips, olive oil, yellow onion, peeled and, minced, cloves garlic, peeled and, crushed, ground allspice, ground cinnamon, can crushed tomatoes, juice of 1 lemon, salt and freshly ground, black pepper to taste, whole okra
  21. Rinderrouladen (beef rools)
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: sandwich or roll steaks; *, mustard; dijon-style, salt, pepper, pickles; **, salt pork; ** or, bacon; strips **, onion; large, chopped, vegetable oil, beef broth; hot, peppercorns, bay leaf, cornstarch
  22. Rostbraten mit pilzfulle (beef roast with mush
    Categories: Beef, European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: salt, white pepper, flank steak, mustard; dijon style, vegetable oil, onion; small, chopped, mushroom pieces; *, parsley; chopped, chives; chopped, tomato paste, bread crumbs; dried, salt, pepper, paprika, bacon; strips, cubed, onions; small, fine chopped, beef broth; hot, mustard; dijon style, tomato catsup
  23. Saltimbocca #1
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: veal scallopine, each, piece about 5" square, dried sage, thin slices of prosciutto, butter, salt, freshly ground pepper, dry white wine
  24. Saltimbocca #2
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: veal cutlets, very thinly, sliced, bon appetit, black pepper, rubbed sage, msg, prosciutto, sliced thin, sweet butter, beef flavor base, hot water, dry white wine
  25. Saltimbocca alla romana
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: veal scaloppine, each, piece 5 inches square, dried sage, thin slices prosciutto, butter, salt and freshly ground, black pepper, dry white wine
  26. Sauerbraten mit ingwer kuchen sosse(saurebrate
    Categories: European, Beef, Meat, Main dish, Cookies
    Ingredients: rump roast; beef, boneless, onions; thinly sliced, peppercorns, cloves; whole, bay leaf, white vinegar; mild, water, cider vinegar, vegetable oil, salt, water; boiling, gingersnaps, sour cream, unbleached flour
  27. Sauerkrautsalat mit schinken (sauerkraut salad
    Categories: European, Salads, Vegetables, Meat
    Ingredients: sauerkraut; (1 lb can), blue grapes, ham; cooked, yogurt, salt, pepper; white, honey
  28. Scaloppine di vitello all'agro
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: veal scaloppine, all-purpose flour, salt and freshly ground, pepper to taste, butter, olive oil, juice of 2 lemons, chopped parsley, garlic cloves - chopped, capers
  29. Schweinekotelett in zweibelsosse (pork chops i
    Categories: European, Pork, Meat, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: pork chops, salt, pepper, unbleached flour, vegetable oil, onions; small (2 med) *, beer, beef broth; hot, cornstarch
  30. Schweinekoteletts in saurer sahnesosse (baked
    Categories: European, Pork, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: pork chops, garlic clove; minced, caraway seeds; crushed, hungarian paprika; mild *, salt, pepper; as desired, white wine; dry, sour cream (optional)
  31. Stuffed zucchini andalouse (zucchini ham beef)
    Categories: European, Beef, Meat
    Ingredients: zucchini, small, onion chopped, mushrooms chopped, green pepper chopped, tomato chopped, ham cooked chopped, garlic minced, beef cooked chopped, bread crumbs soft, lightly piled, clove garlic chopped, broth if needed, salt, black pepper
  32. Tripe florentine
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: tripe, peanut oil, carrots, grated, celery, chopped, yellow onion, peeled &, chopped, parsley, chopped, cloves garlic, crushed, (8-oz) tomato sauce, beef stock, dry red wine, oregano, bay leaf, crushed, basil, salt & pepper to taste, 1" pieces lemon peel, parmesan or romano, cheese, freshly grated
  33. Tuscan meat loaf
    Categories: European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: ground round steak, fresh bread crumbs, milk, egg, slightly beaten, salt, finely chopped parsley, fennel seeds, freshly ground black pepper, paprika, oregano, basil, chopped onion, clove garlic, minced, butter
  34. Ukrainian country meatballs "bitki"
    Categories: Ethnic, European, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: mushrooms fresh or, dried mushrooms, beef chuck boneless ground, onions large chopped fine, butter or margeraine, garlic clove minced, flour, bread crumbs
  35. Ukrainian meat & fish stew
    Categories: European, Ethnic, Main dish, Meat, Seafood
    Ingredients: ground beef, ground lamb, herring, fresh, cubed,, skinned & boned, plain yogurt, butter, eggs, seperated, garlic clove minced, onion lg. chopped, potatos peeled & boiled, salt, black pepper, goat cheese crumbled, bread crumbs, carrots shredded
  36. Ukrainian pot roast
    Categories: Ethnic, Meat, Main dish, European
    Ingredients: sour cream or plain yogurt, onion lg. sliced, carrot sliced, pot roast, salt pork slices , scallions chopped, red wine burgundy or merlot, salt & pepper to taste, mushrooms fresh sliced, potatos cubed 1/2", vinegar
  37. Ukrainian stuffed tomatos
    Categories: European, Ethnic, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: tomatos large & firm, onion chopped fine, rice cooked, butter, ground beef lean, bread crumbs, salt & pepper to taste, sour cream, tomato paste, pulp scooped from tomatos, salt, pepper, butter, flour
  38. Veal marsala with provolone
    Categories: Meat, European
    Ingredients: veal cutlets, flour, salt & pepper, butter, olive oil, mushrooms, fresh, sliced, marsala wine, butter, cold, provolone cheese, sliced
  39. Veal parmesan with prosciutto
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: veal, thin sliced, pounded, thin (1/8" thick), shallot (minced), garlic (minced), white wine, prosciutto (chopped-up, into 1-inch long strips), olive oil, fresh grated parmesan cheese, flour, white pepper, chopped parsley
  40. Veal piccata
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: boneless veal round,, (about 9-10 small pieces), salt, pepper, flour, dried oregano, olive oil, cloves garlic, onion, chopped, beef broth, fresh lemon juice, thin slices lemon, capers, finely minced fresh, parsley
  41. Veal scaloppine with marsala
    Categories: European, Meat
    Ingredients: scallopine of veal, cut, into 1/4 inch slices, flour for dredging, salt, freshly ground pepper, butter, olive oil, marsala wine