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  1. Hot and spicy noodles with vegetables
    Categories: Asian, Favorites, Low-fat, Pasta, Fast food
    Ingredients: rice wine, ginger root, grated fresh, garlic cloves, minced, carrots, thinly sliced, broccoli stems, sliced thin, cabbage, sliced thin, green onions, water, sesame oil, dark, cayenne pepper, honey (omit if vegan), hoisin sauce (optional), rice noodles, cooked, soy sauce to taste
  2. Tri-grain bread
    Categories: Garrett, Favorites, Breadmaker
    Ingredients: water, applesauce, brown sugar, salt, wheat germ, barley flour, oat flour, bread flour, gluten, yeast*
  3. Hearty eggplant-barley bake
    Categories: Main dish, Grain, Vegetables, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: onions, chopped, mushrooms, chopped, green peppers, chopped, garlic, minced, water for sauteeing, eggplant, cubed, water, tomatoes, chopped (16 oz), water, quick cooking barley (i use pearled barley), chili sauce (try to find a "natural" brand), fresh parsley, chopped, honey (maple syrup if vegan), vegetarian worcestershire sauce, dried marjoram, ground black pepper
  4. Variation on a theme
    Categories: Crockpot, Chicken, Favorites
    Ingredients: roasting chicken, salt and pepper, to taste, paprika, to taste, cloves garlic, mashed, sweet butter, chicken broth, cloves garlic, additional, linguini (up to 12), roux, optional, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, grated, fresh ground black pepper, to taste, fresh basil, minced
  5. Blueberry frozen yogurt
    Categories: Dessert, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: blueberries; washed and picked ov, banana; mashed, sugar, frozen orange juice concentrate -- thawed, nonfat yogurt, vanilla extract
  6. Cheese 'n' onion bread
    Categories: Abm, Cheese/eggs, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: water, butter, sugar, salt, garlic powder, paprika, bread flour, nonfat dry milk, cheddar cheese, shredded, red onions; minced, active dry yeast
  7. Chili relleno squares
    Categories: Casseroles, Cheese/eggs, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: eggs, egg whites, all-purpose flour, baking powder, nonfat cottage cheese, lowfat cheddar cheese; grated, mozzarella cheese; grated, green chile; chopped, drained, tabasco sauce
  8. Molly's fat free marshmallow treats
    Categories: Favorites, Candies, Low-fat
    Ingredients: marshmallows, crispy rice cereal
  9. Strawberry leather
    Categories: Fruits, Snacks, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: fresh strawberry puree, lemon juice, applesauce, sugar
  10. Wine and cheese bread
    Categories: Abm, Low-fat, Favorites
    Ingredients: wine, white, sharp cheddar cheese; shredded, butter, salt, sugar, bread flour, yeast