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  1. Red clover tea
    Categories: Beverages, Flowers, Herbs, Natural
    Ingredients: handful fresh red clover, blossoms, w/a few leaves, lemon, honey, fresh mint leaves (opt'l.) and/or-, several dandelion leaves, ;(opt'l.)
  2. Violet syrup
    Categories: Beverages, Sephardic, Syrups, Flowers, Gifts
    Ingredients: violets; freshly picked unsprayed boiling water, sugar, lemon; juice of water
  3. Watermelon ice drink
    Categories: Beverages, Diabetic, Flowers, Vegan
    Ingredients: watermelon crushed ice, rose geranium leaves; opt
  4. Tulip, crab, and asparagus appetizers
    Categories: Appetizers, Seafood, Flowers
    Ingredients: cream cheese; softened, lemon juice, minced chives, minced fresh dill or mint (optional), pepper or cayenne, crab meat, flaked, fresh asparagus spears, tulip petals