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  1. Emeril's fried plantains
    Categories: Vegetables, Fruits/nuts, Side dish
    Ingredients: ripe plantains, oil for frying, salt, freshly ground pepper
  2. Emeril's coconut pudding
    Categories: Desserts, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: egg yolks, brown sugar, fresh grated nutmeg, pure vanilla extract, full flavored rum, milk, coconut milk, butter; melted, fresh grated coconut, fresh bread crumbs, egg whites; sweetened and, whipped to stiff peaks
  3. Wild rice and hazelnut salad
    Categories: Salads, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: wild rice, salt, hazelnuts, currants, orange, juice only, citrus vinaigrette with hazelnut oil (see recipe), fennel bulb cut into small squares, crisp apple, freshly ground black pepper, salt
  4. Apple pie with port with cheddar cheese crust
    Categories: Pies, Fruits/nuts, Desserts
    Ingredients: sugar, cornstarch, apple juice, port, butter or margarine, lemon (grated peel only), cooking apples; peeled and sliced, sifted flour, salt, shortening, shredded sharp cheddar, cold water (or more)
  5. Quebec apple dumplings
    Categories: Desserts, Fruits/nuts, Holiday
    Ingredients: pie dough (double batch), cheddar cheese-grated, apples; medium- peeled & cored, mincemeat, rum, butter, sugar, sugar; brown, cream, lemon rind; 1/2 lemon
  6. Orange chicken ii
    Categories: Oriental, Main dish, Poultry, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: whole chicken breasts, green onion, slices ginger, salt, dried red peppers, soy sauce, cornstarch, rice wine, oil, soy sauce, fresh orange peel, red wine vinegar, sugar
  7. Chicken with riesling and grapes
    Categories: Poultry, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: unsalted butter, olive oil, whole chicken breast, halved, shallot, minced, garlic clove, minced, all purpose flour, riesling wine, chicken broth, lemon juice, fresh, dried thyme, crumbled, green seedless grapes *
  8. Thai pomelo-and-chicken salad
    Categories: Salads, Poultry, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: pomelo; -=or=- grapefruit (sweet ruby red), whole cooked chicken breast hand-shredded, chopped red chili (or to taste), fish sauce (nam pla), sugar, lime; juiced, head of leaf lettuce (for garnish), chopped fresh coriander, crisp fried shallot flakes (instructions follow) -, chopped roasted peanuts, shallots; thinly sliced, vegetable oil
  9. Chicken and fruit kabobs with mustard-leek sauce
    Categories: Poultry, Low-cal, Fruits/nuts
    Ingredients: chicken breast boneless and skinless, bananas, small, peaches, medium; pitted, plums, medium; pitted, vegetable cooking spray, curry powder, leeks, chopped or green onions and tops, olive or vegetable oil, chicken broth, dijon-styly mustard, distilled white vinegar, curry powder, pepper, cornstarch, water, cold, nutrasweet
  10. Chicken enchiladas with pasilla chili sauce
    Categories: Main dish, Mexican, Fruits/nuts, Cheese
    Ingredients: peanut oil, 2-oz. package dried pasilla, chilies, stemmed, seeded,, torn into 1-inch pieces, whole blanched almonds,, chopped, chicken breast halves, chicken stock or canned, low-salt broth, cumin seeds, plum tomatoes, cored,, quartered, onion, quartered, cloves garlic, peeled, firmly packed golden brown, sugar, coarse salt, peanut oil (for deep frying), corn tortillas, grated montery jack cheese, creme fraiche or sour cream, avocado, peeled, seeded,, sliced, fresh cilantro sprigs