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  1. Company ham sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Ham, Meats
    Ingredients: pan juices from baked ham, beef broth, brown sugar, currant jelly, sherry, cornstarch, dijon mustard, currants or raisins
  2. Poached eggs with ham and veggie hash
    Categories: Eggs, Ham, Main dish
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, smoked ham, turkey, or chicken, diced, potato, peeled and diced, onion, chopped, chicken/vegetable stock, hot pepper sauce (optl), sweet green pepper, chopped, corn kernels, tomato, diced, eggs, fresh parsley, chopped
  3. Crockpot beef and beans
    Categories: Vegetables, Beef, Crockpot, Ham
    Ingredients: beans, pinto, dried, water; cold, salt pork; cut up, beef, chuck steak; 1" cubed, pepper, red; crushed, onions; chopped, garlic cloves; minced, tomato paste, chili powder, salt, cumin seed, marjoram leaves
  4. Frozen picnic ham
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham
    Ingredients: -marilyn murphy, frozen picnic ham, apple juice
  5. Glazed ham in a bag
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham, Main dish
    Ingredients: =eileen lamparelli, canned ham, orange marmalade, dijon style mustard, cooking bag
  6. Ham and vegetables
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham, Vegetables
    Ingredients: ham; cut up, potatoes; peeled & cut up, green beans;cut up, salt
  7. Ham and vegetables no. 2
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham, Main dish
    Ingredients: -celeste beattie, cooked ham; cut in servings, ground cloves, honey; to glaze, metal pie plate(disposable), potatoes; chunked, carrots; chunked, frozen brocoli; thawed, onions; chunked, garlic clove; minced, salt & pepper; to taste
  8. Han and sweet potatoes
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham, Yams
    Ingredients: -marilyn murphy, sweep potatoes;unpeeled, boneless ham; or can ham, brown sugar, dry mustard
  9. Potato-ham perfect
    Categories: Crockpot, Ham, Potatoes, Leftovers
    Ingredients: -lisa hlavaty, ham; diced, onions; thinly sliced, potatoes; thinly sliced, grated sharp or med cheese, parmeasan cheese, salt; to taste, pepper; to taste, butter
  10. Baja blintzes
    Categories: Breakfast, Mexican, Cheese, Eggs, Ham
    Ingredients: butter or margarine, all-purpose flour, chicken stock or bouillon, milk -or- half & half, onion; grated, canned diced green chilies, salt, monterey jack cheese; shred, hard-cooked eggs; sliced, ham; cooked, chopped, (8-inch) flour tortillas
  11. Brunch enchiladas
    Categories: Mexican, Breakfast, Eggs, Ham
    Ingredients: olive oil, ham; diced, eggs, onion; diced, salt, pepper, butter, white flour, colby jack cheese; shredded, milk, salsa
  12. Scrambled eggs and ham
    Categories: Ham, Eggs, Meats, Main dish, Cheese
    Ingredients: boiled ham cut into strips, sliced green onion, butter or margarine, dried basil, crushed, large beaten eggs, whole milk, shredded cheddar cheese
  13. Welsh rarebit with ham and watercress
    Categories: Cheese, Ham
    Ingredients: eggs, at room temperature, bottled beer or ale, cheddar cheese, coarse shred, butter or margarine, dry mustard, worcestershire sauce, tabasco sauce, homebaked bread, toasted, black forest ham, watercress, fresh, green pepper, julienne, tomato slices, thin