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  1. Oven barbecued caribou ribs
    Categories: game, barbeque, ham/pork
    Ingredients: caribou ribs, vegetable oil, salt & pepper, brown sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, prepared mustard, louisiana hot sauce
  2. Maple barbecued caribou ribs
    Categories: game, barbeque, ham/pork
    Ingredients: water, ketchup or tomato sauce, white vinegar, lemon juice, worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, juniper berries, onions; diced, salt, caribou ribs, fresh ground black pepper
  3. Roast pheasant with rice
    Categories: main dish, poultry, game, ham/pork
    Ingredients: pheasants (2.5 lbs. each), salt, long-grain rice, ; water, salt, butter, finely chopped celery, minced onion, sliced mushrooms, crushed sage, crushed thyme, crushed savory, butter, glass of currant jelly, lemon; juice of, cayenne pepper, ; water, whole cloves, salt; to taste, port wine, melted butter, bacon
  4. Cassoulet dijon
    Categories: main dish, meats, game, ham/pork
    Ingredients: no ingredients
  5. Pigeon, hare and ham terrine
    Categories: poultry, game, ham/pork
    Ingredients: hare, breasts of pigeons, dry white wine, cognac, juniper berries, shallots, oil for frying, pork fat, dried thyme, egg, fine sea salt, black pepper, thin slices of pork fat/, unsmoked streaky bacon, cooked ham, in 1 cubes, unflvrd gelatine,, gherkins & bay leaf
  6. Venison civet
    Categories: main dish, game, ham/pork, ethnic
    Ingredients: venison; stewing, onion; sliced, shallot; sliced, carrot; sliced, garlic cloves, parsley stalks, herbes de provence or thyme, salt, peppercorns; lightly crushe, cognac or good armagnac, red wine; good - or to cove, oil, just to cover, juniper berries, pork back fat, cooking fat/oil, onion, flour, red wine; good, salt, pepper, garlic clove; crushed, vinegar, blood, to thicken