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  1. Apple-pepper jelly
    Categories: Christmas, Jelly, Fruits, Gifts
    Ingredients: water, frozen apple juice; thawed, powdered fruit pectin; 1 pk, sugar, red pepper; crushed,to taste, red food coloring
  2. Lime jelly
    Categories: Christmas, Gifts, Jelly, Fruits
    Ingredients: sugar, water, frozen limeade; thawed, lemon juice, green food coloring, yellow food coloring, liquid fruit pectin; 1 pouch
  3. Strawberry-orange spread
    Categories: Christmas, Fruits, Gifts, Jelly
    Ingredients: frozen strawberries; thawed, fruit pectin; powdered, 1 pk, orange peel; grated, orange juice, sugar
  4. Hot pepper jelly
    Categories: Jelly, Spices, Personal
    Ingredients: hot red chiles; seeded and coarsely chopped, hot green chiles; seeded and coarsely chopped, chopped onion, vinegar, sugar, pouches liquid pectin