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  1. Caribou stew
    Categories: Stews, Game, Caribou, Jw
    Ingredients: caribou (boneless), flour; for dredging, salt and pepper to taste, oil; for browning meat, white wine, worcestershire sauce, lentils, small potatoes, quartered, carrot; peeled and sliced, celery rib; chopped, parsnip or turnip; diced, jalapeno pepper, diced, banana peppers, chopped, bay leaf, spices and herbs to taste
  2. Caribou stroganoff
    Categories: Game, Caribou, Stews, Steak, Jw
    Ingredients: caribou steak or boneless stewing meat (cut in 1/2" strips), flour, salt, mushrooms, chopped, onions, chopped, garlic; minced, lard or bacon fat, worcestershire sauce, beef bouillon cube, water, sour cream, steamed rice or noodles, paprika