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  1. Kohl's turkey & dressing
    Categories: Improv, Kohl, Main dish, Poultry
    Ingredients: doubled recipe corn bread prepare a week before and break up to dry, loaves good white bread begin drying w/corn bread one week before., turkey, onions, diced, celery hearts and leaves, diced to equal same amount as onions, chicken broth, butter, water, salt and pepper, sage, eggs, flour
  2. Kohl's oriental stir fry
    Categories: Improv, Kohl, Main dish
    Ingredients: beef roast, lean (or steak), mushrooms, fresh chopped & sliced, celery stalks - centers, diced (may need 3), green pepper, diced, green onions, chopped (or 4), bean sprouts, snow peas, fresh green beans, can bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, beef boullion cube (or 2) in 1 cup hot water, soy sauce (or more), carrot, sliced thinly, chow mein noodles, brown rice