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  1. Banana condiment
    Categories: Conserves, Zaire, Kwanzaa, Fruits
    Ingredients: very ripe bananas, juice of 1 lemon, raisins
  2. Berry pecan cornbread
    Categories: Bakery, Kwanzaa, Breads
    Ingredients: silken tofu, soy milk, cranberry-apple juice, maple syrup, vanilla, cornmeal, unbleached flour, potato starch, baking powder, baking soda, salt, sesame seeds, dried tart cherries or cranberries, toasted whole pecans
  3. Braised greens with vinegar & sesame seeds
    Categories: Side dish, Kwanzaa, Vegetables
    Ingredients: flavoured vinegar, garlic clove, minced, beet greens, coarsely chopped, water, cayenne, sesame seeds
  4. Caribbean banana dessert
    Categories: Desserts, Martinique, Kwanzaa, Bakery
    Ingredients: lemon peel, orange peel, lemon juice, orange juice, banana chunks, egg replacer mixed with, water, brown sugar, pineapple juice, soy milk, breadcrumbs, soy margarine, melted & cooled
  5. Eggplant salad
    Categories: Salads, Morocco, Kwanzaa, Appetizers, Vegetarian
    Ingredients: peeled eggplant, cubed, tomatoes, chopped, cayenne, salt, olive oil, tomato juice
  6. Fluffy mashed sweet potatoes
    Categories: Side dish, Kwanzaa, Vegetables, Desserts
    Ingredients: cooked, mashed sweet potatos, bananas, mashed, soy milk, prune juice, honey, allspice, chopped candied ginger
  7. Grilled plantains
    Categories: Appetizers, Togo, Kwanzaa, Snacks
    Ingredients: plantains, cayenne to taste
  8. Groundnut sauce
    Categories: Main dish, West africa, Kwanzaa, Sauces, Nuts
    Ingredients: onion, diced, peanut oil, tomato, sliced thin, jalapeno peppers, roasted, seeded & minced, peanut butter, boiling water, arrowroot, black pepper
  9. Jolof rice
    Categories: Main dish, West africa, Kwanzaa, Rice, Vegetarian
    Ingredients: dried black-eyed peas, eggplants, salt, canola oil, onions, chopped, chopped fresh ginger, jalapeno peppers, roasted, stems & seeds removed & chopped, whole garlic clove, garlic cloves, minced, green bell pepper, chopped, tomatoes, chopped, tomato paste, cayenne, curry powder, hot pepper to taste, option, carrots, chopped, long grain brown rice, green beans, cut into thirds
  10. Teff cakes
    Categories: Side dish,, Kwanzaa, Cakes, Bakery
    Ingredients: teff, water, chopped onion, jalapeno pepper, seeded & chopped, whole-wheat pastry flour, sesame oil
  11. Curry cruz's (kwanzaa) yam soup
    Categories: Soups, African, Kwanzaa, Vegetables
    Ingredients: onion; chopped, garlic cloves; minced, olive oil, red bell pepper; chopped, ginger, minced, cloves; ground, cumin seed; ground, mustard seed; ground, ground cardamom, turmeric, ground cinnamon, tamari, canned whole tomatoes, sweet potato, broccoli, potato, boiling water, frozen corn, cut green beans, frozen peas, fresh kale, salt, food editor sarah fritschner's 11/22/95 "come celebrate!