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  1. Sopa de grao
    Categories: Soups/stews, Portuguese, Chorizo, Sausages, Linguica
    Ingredients: dried garbanzos washed and sorted, cold water, garlic cloves peeled and minced, yellow onions; peeled and coarsely chopped, peanut, corn or veg. oil, maine or eastern potatoes peeled & coarsely chopped, crumbled leaf thyme, ground coriander seeds, bay leaf; (do not crumble), beef or chicken broth (preferably homemade), pepperoni or chorizo or if available, portuguese chourico or linguica, sliced about 1/4-in thick, finely chopped fresh spinach (leaves only), salt, freshly ground black pepper, olive oil
  2. Feijoada
    Categories: Beans, Beef, Portuguese, Linguica, Sausages
    Ingredients: dried black beans, water, carne seca (sun-cured salted beef), raw smoked tongue, linguica defumada (portuguese sausage), chuck beef, salt pork, salt & freshly ground black pepper, cloves garlic, chopped, shortening
  3. Portuguese soup
    Categories: Soups/stews, Portuguese, Linguica, Chorizo
    Ingredients: chicken stock - or canned broth, chorizo - smoked, diced (or linguica), potatoes - boiling type, peeled, diced, kidney beans - drained (5-1/4 oz. can), tomatoes - diced (14-1/2 oz. can), head cabbage - green, medium, coarsely chopped, med. onion - chopped, carrot - diced, bell pepper - green, diced, clove garlic - minced