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  1. French onion soup -- lowfat (d)
    Categories: Low-cal, Low-salt, Main dish, Soups, Low-fat
    Ingredients: -formatted for mm by diane crhn32b, sliced onions; 5 md onions, sherry;, margarine;, unbleached flour;, beef stock; (see below), low-sodium soy sauce;, black pepper; freshly ground, parmesan cheese; grated 2oz, beef bones;, water;, whole anise seeds;, celery tops;, whole onions;, peppercorns;
  2. Fresh asparagus salad
    Categories: Salad, Low-cal, Low-salt, Vegetable, Low-chol
    Ingredients: fresh asparagus, garlic,minced, water, red onion,minced, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper; seeded, thinly sliced, dry sherry, water chestnuts; thinly sliced, brown rice vinegar, lemon juice
  3. Turkey scaloppine with leeks, currants and marsala
    Categories: Turkey, Low-salt, Low-fat
    Ingredients: -parts only), cut lengthwise and sliced, chicken stock or canned low-salt broth, sugar, bay leaf, dried thyme, crumbled, dried rubbed sage, plus 1 t sweet marsala, dried currants, long grain white rice, turkey cutlets, orange peel; minced (orange part only), fresh sage leaves (opt.), orange peel strips (opt.)