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  1. Low-cal shake - strawberry, orange
    Categories: Beverages, Lowcal
    Ingredients: strawberries (1 pint), orange, peeled, vanilla yogurt, skimmed milk, ice cubes
  2. Sour cream subsitute
    Categories: Sauces, Appetizers, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: low fat cottage cheese, buttermilk, lemon juice ( fresh )
  3. Butter buds - whipped table spread
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal, Famfavorite
    Ingredients: butter buds (1 oz. dry), non-fat dry milk solids, non dairy creamer, hot tap water, corn oil
  4. Lemon parsley sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, hot water, lemon juice, parsley flakes, pepper to taste
  5. Garlic butter sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, hot tap water, garlic powder
  6. Butter buds basic white sauce (bechamel)
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, flour, milk, skimmed, salt, pepper to taste
  7. Butter buds mornay sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: white sauce (butter buds), cheddar or american cheese, dry mustard, worcestershire sauce
  8. Butter buds "mayo"
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, non-fat dry milk, hot water, egg white, salt or salt subsitute, dry mustard, sweet'n low (sugar sub), vinegar, oil
  9. Butter buds russian dressing or dip
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds "mayo", catsup, minced onion, worcestershire sauce, chopped green pepper, chopped red pepper
  10. Butter buds "hollandaise sauce"
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds "mayo", hot water, lemon juice
  11. Mexican sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowcal
    Ingredients: tomato juice, onion flakes, garlic powder, instant beef bouilon, cumin, chili powder, basil leaves, red wine vinegar, sweetener, to equal 2 t., oregano
  12. Butter buds - cream for coffee or hot chocolate
    Categories: Breakfast, Lowcal, Sauces
    Ingredients: butter buds, skimmed milk
  13. Heavenly dessert cheese cake
    Categories: Desserts, Cakes, Lowcal
    Ingredients: graham cracker crumbs, low fat cottage cheese, neufchatel cheese*, sugar, unbleached all-purpose flour, skim milk, almond extract
  14. Turkey patties oriental
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry
    Ingredients: ground turkey, dry bread crumbs, egg, garlic salt, cooking oil, stalks celery, cut diagonal, onion, cut in thin rings, green pepper, cut 3/4"pieces, tomatoes, med., cut in 1/8's, oriental sauce, chicken broth, soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar, vinegar, dash, white pepper
  15. Yogurt dip
    Categories: Lowcal, Sauces
    Ingredients: plain yogurt, shredded cucumber, drained, dill weed
  16. Dieter's taco salad
    Categories: Lowcal, Salads
    Ingredients: ground beef, lean, onion, medium, green pepper, large, chopped, tomatoe sauce, no-salt, vinegar, mustard, dry, pepper, red, crushed, basil, dried, crushed, garlic powder, water, tortillas, 8-inch, lettuce, shredded, tomatoes, cherry, halved, carrot, medium, shredded, parmesan cheese, grated
  17. Seafood pasta salad
    Categories: Salads, Lowcal, Seafood, Pasta, Vegetables
    Ingredients: pasta, tri-colored spiral, shrimp, cooked, green pepper, diced, carrots, sliced, zucchini, sliced, white wine worcestershire, mayonnaise
  18. Stir-fried beef salad
    Categories: Lowcal, Salads, Main dish, Beef
    Ingredients: beef round steak, boneless, oil, cooking, garlic clove, minced, mushrooms, fresh, sliced, cucumber, chopped, green pepper, strips, onion,sliced *, italian seasoning, salt, seasoned, pepper, red, ground, tomatoe,large **, spinach leaves, fresh
  19. Chinese coleslaw
    Categories: Lowcal, Salads
    Ingredients: chinese cabbage, shredded, pineapple, crushed, drained*, water chestnuts, sliced **, parsley, fresh, snipped, green onions, sliced, mayonnaise, reduced calor., mustard, prepared, gingerroot, grated
  20. Broccoli-pasta toss
    Categories: Pasta, Lowcal, Vegetables, Salads
    Ingredients: broccoli flowerets, fettuccine, broken up, oil, cooking, parmesan cheese, grated, sesame seed, toasted, garlic powder
  21. Fruited spinach salad
    Categories: Lowcal, Salads, Fruits
    Ingredients: vinegar, white wine, honey, oil, salad, poppy seed, mustard, dry, spinach, fresh, torn, papaya, medium *, grapes, seedless, halved
  22. Strawberry sorbet
    Categories: Lowcal, Desserts, Fruits
    Ingredients: strawberries, fresh *, orange juice, milk, honey, egg whites, honey
  23. Pork pinwheels with apricot stuffing
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish, Meats, Pork
    Ingredients: pork tenderloin, cornstarch, nutmeg, (dash), bouillon, chicken, instant *, water, hot, apricots, dried, snipped, celery, chopped, apricot nectar, margarine, cinnamon, ground, pepper, black, (dash), whole wheat bread cubes
  24. Lemon asparagus and carrots
    Categories: Lowcal, Vegetables
    Ingredients: carrots, small, asparagus spears, frozen, lemon pepper, lemon juice
  25. Pineapple-pear mold
    Categories: Lowcal, Fruits
    Ingredients: gelatin, unflavored, envelop, orange juice, pineapple, crushed *, pears, medium **, green pepper, optional ***
  26. Peach bavarian
    Categories: Lowcal, Desserts, Fruits
    Ingredients: sugar, gelatin, unflavored, envelop, peach slices, frozen *, yougart, peach, egg whites, sugar, cream, whipping
  27. Japanese skewered lamb (low cal)
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish, Meats, Lamb
    Ingredients: lean boneless lamb, soy sauce, honey, vinegar, sherry, garlic cloves, ground ginger, bouillon
  28. Chow-down chowder
    Categories: Lowcal, Soups, Vegetables
    Ingredients: chicken broth, can, broccoli, frozen, cut, mushrooms, fresh, sliced, onion, chopped, margarine, flour, all-purpose, evaporated skim milk, can, corn, whole kernal, drained, pimiento, chopped, salt, pepper
  29. Tomato-seafood stew
    Categories: Lowcal, Soups, Seafood, Vegetables, Stew
    Ingredients: shrimp, shelled, onion, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, oil, cooking, tomatoes, cut up, can, tomatoe sauce, sodium reduce, potato, peeled, chopped, celery, stalk, chopped, green pepper, medium, choppe, carrot, medium, shredded, thyme, dried, crushed, pepper, hot sauce, bottled, (dashes), whole baby clams,drained,can, parsley, snipped
  30. Szechwan chicken soup
    Categories: Lowcal, Soups, Poultry
    Ingredients: condensed chicken broth *, oriental noodles **, pepper, red, ground, chicken, cooked, cubed, ***, apples, medium, cored ****, pea pods, frozen, cut up, green onions, *****
  31. Pork chops dijon
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish, Pork
    Ingredients: pork loin chops, 1/2 thick, onion, medium, dijon-style mustard, italian salad dressing *, pepper
  32. Steak-vegetable pockets
    Categories: Lowcal, Meats, Main dish, Vegetables, Beef
    Ingredients: beef top round steak, *, broccoli, fresh, **, carrot, small **, onion, small **, green pepper, oil, cooking, pea pods, halved crosswise, mushrooms **, tomato, small, chopped, soy sauce, cornstarch, pita bread rounds, halved
  33. Vegetable-style rarebit
    Categories: Lowcal, Vegetables, Main dish
    Ingredients: cabbage, finely chopped, carrot, finely chopped, green pepper, finely chopped, celery, finely chopped, onion, finely chopped, radishes, finely chopped, bread, whole wheat, toasted, cheese, cheddar, shredded, alfalfa sprouts, red pepper (dash)
  34. Skillet chicken and rice
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish, Poultry, Rice
    Ingredients: chicken pieces, skinned, mushrooms, fresh, sliced, carrots, peeled, sliced 1/2", rice, long grain, onion, chopped, poultry seasoning, bouillon, chicken, granules, salt
  35. Fruit smoothie
    Categories: Lowcal, Beverages, Fruits
    Ingredients: fruit cocktail, can, chilled, milk, nonfat dry milk powder, vanilla, ice cubes, cinnamon, ground (dashes)
  36. Quick crab cakes
    Categories: Lowcal, Seafood
    Ingredients: crackers, soda, eggs, mayonnaise, worcestershire sauce, old bay seasoning *, pepper, red, crushed, crabmeat, lump
  37. Pink tartar sauce
    Categories: Lowcal, Sauces
    Ingredients: mayonanaise, hamburger relish, dijon-style mustard, grainy, lemon juice
  38. Blueberry parfaits
    Categories: Lowcal, Desserts, Fruits
    Ingredients: blueberries, apricot preserves, yogurt, frozen, vanilla, almonds, slivered (optional)
  39. Tuna casserole (ww)
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: chopped onion, sliced celery, mushrooms, optional, margarine, flour, salt, pepper, dill weed, green beans, drained *, evaporated milk, skimmed, canned tuna, drained, flaked
  40. Marinated flank steak, low-cal (ww)
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: beef flank steak *, beef bouillon, salt, onion flakes, garlic powder, garlic salt, soy sauce, lemon juice, sweetener, equal to 2 t.
  41. Chicken & vegetable stir fry
    Categories: Poultry, Lowcal, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: chicken broth, sherry, low sodium soy sauce, cornstarch, black pepper, whole chicken breasts, peanut oil, frozen snow peas (drained), mushrooms sliced, chopped green pepper, green onions, garlic cloves minced, chopped ginger
  42. Lemon - pepper steak and carrots
    Categories: Beef, Meats, Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: carrots, cube steaks ( 1 lb. approx ), dried bread crumbs, flour, lemon and pepper seasoning, salad oil, small lemon
  43. Diner meatloaf
    Categories: Lowcal, Meats, Main dish, Beef
    Ingredients: quick cook oats, uncooked, skimmed milk, ground beef, shredded carrots, sliced green onions, salt, rubbed sage, pepper, egg white, catsup
  44. Skillet supper (spagetti, meat)
    Categories: Lowcal, Main dish, Meats, Beef
    Ingredients: ground chuck, can whole tomatoes, chopped, can, tomato paste, dried italian seasoning, salt, garlic powder, uncooked, broken, spaghetti, parmesan cheese, grated
  45. Triple herb flank steak
    Categories: Beef, Meats, Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: flank steak, lean, dried whole basil, dried whole thyme, dried whole oregano, salt, pepper, cooking spray
  46. Macaroni & cheese bake
    Categories: Pasta, Lowcal, Casseroles, Cheese/eggs
    Ingredients: thinly sliced green onions, margarine, flour, skimmed milk, divided, shredded cheddar cheese, dry mustard, pepper, hot sauce, cooked macaroni, whole wheat bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, paprika
  47. Glazed cornish hen
    Categories: Poultry, Main dish, Lowcal
    Ingredients: 1 1/2 lb. game hen, apricot spread, lime juice, soy sauce, cinnamon
  48. Triple bread casserole
    Categories: Casseroles, Meats, Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: day old rye, white, wheat, frozen chopped onions, frozen red & green peppers, chopped parsley, poultry seasoning, salt, eggs, lightly beaten, chicken broth, butter, melted
  49. Cincinnati chili
    Categories: Beef, Lowcal, Main dish, Pasta, Vegetables
    Ingredients: ground beef, chopped onion, cloves of garlic, chili powder, cinnamon, ground cloves, "v8" veggie juice, no salt, kidney beans (16 oz each), hot cooked spaghetti, option
  50. Pot-au-feu
    Categories: Beef, Lowcal, Main dish, Vegetables
    Ingredients: top-grade chuck steak, beef broth, potatoes, carrots, bunch - celery, sprig parsley, thyme, salt, top round steak, soup bone, leeks, washed, trimmed 6", turnips, cut into 1" wedges
  51. Chicken with carbonara sauce
    Categories: Poultry, Lowcal
    Ingredients: margarine, olive or vegetable oil, thin chicken cutlets 1/4 lb., onion powder, evaporated skimmed milk, half & half, large pitted black olives, grated parmesan cheese, slice crisp fried bacon, dash white pepper
  52. Grilled turkey shish kabob
    Categories: Poultry, Lowcal, Vegetables
    Ingredients: turkey breast tenderloins, chili sauce, lemon juice, sugar, bay leaves, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini medium (1/2" slices, green pepper (2" squares), onions (cut into 1/4's), cooking oil
  53. Fish 'n flakes
    Categories: Fish, Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: 3 oz fish fillets, skimmed milk, crushed corn flakes, saffflower oil, season to taste
  54. Sassy sirloin
    Categories: Meats, Main dish, Lowcal, Beef
    Ingredients: black pepper, onion powder, groun whole thyme, red pepper, boneless sirloin steak
  55. Harvest vegetable casserole
    Categories: Casseroles, Vegetables, Lowcal, Main dish
    Ingredients: salad oil, large onions, medium green peppers, barley, envelope, beef bouillon, large carrots, cut in chunks, large tomatoes *, medium zucchini, cut 1 1/2", green beans, cut in half, frozen peas, head cauliflower, separated, lemon juice, clove of garlic, salt, paprika
  56. Cantaloupe fruit salad
    Categories: Fruits, Lowcal, Desserts
    Ingredients: med. cantaloupes *, large pineapple **, raisins, fresh shredded coconut, finely chopped walnuts, large apple ***, low-fat yogurt
  57. Lite potato salad
    Categories: Salads, Lowcal
    Ingredients: small potatoes, chopped celery, minced onion, celery seed, low-cal mayonnaise, egg substitute
  58. Zucchini and tomato salad
    Categories: Salads, Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: zucchini, tomatoes, italian dressing
  59. Zucchini patties
    Categories: Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter or margarine, vegetable oil, zucchini, coarsely grated, flour, all-purpose, eggs, lightly beaten, salt, pepper, black
  60. Stuffed zucchini
    Categories: Vegetables, Main dish, Lowcal
    Ingredients: zucchini, 6-7"long, corn, whole-kernel, frozen, cottage cheese, small curd, salt, pepper, black, green onions, chopped, parmesan cheese, grated
  61. Baked zucchini with tomatoes
    Categories: Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: zucchini, medium sized, tomatoes, medium sized, sweet geen pepper, medium, yellow onion, medium sized, salt, pepper, black, olive oil
  62. Herbed corn on the cob
    Categories: Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: corn, ears, medium, margarine, basil, dried, chervil, dried, thyme, dried
  63. Baked tomatoes
    Categories: Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: tomatoes, grated parmesan, sweet basil, butter buds, salt & pepper
  64. Green bean casserole
    Categories: Casseroles, Vegetables, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, cream of mushroom soup, skimmed milk, green beans, sliced, small white onions, chopped, green peppers, paprika, bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, salt & pepper
  65. Baked chicken (butter buds)
    Categories: Poultry, Lowcal
    Ingredients: butter buds, paprika, sage, onion powder, salt to taste, pepper to taste, fryer chicken, cut-up, water or white wine
  66. Mexican rice (1)
    Categories: Rice, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: long grain rice, vegetable oil, garlic powder, salt, ground cummin, tomato, chopped, medium onion, chopped finely, small carrot, chopped finely, green pepper, chopped finely, boiling water, can tomatoes, cut-up, tomato sauce, optional
  67. Stuffed chicken breasts with pasta
    Categories: Poultry, Lowcal, Main dish, Lowfat
    Ingredients: shredded swiss cheese, ricotta cheese, dried thyme, black pepper, skinless chicken breasts, butter, dried tomato fettuccine, chicken broth, tomato paste, chopped chives
  68. Chicken with vegetables
    Categories: Poultry, Vegetables, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: skinless chicken breasts, vegetable oil, medium onion, frozen broccoli, thawed, balsamic vinegar, worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, dried thyme, pepper, salt, tomato, cut in wedges
  69. Beef stew
    Categories: Beef, Lowcal, Stew, Vegetables, Lowfat
    Ingredients: minced garlic, salt, round steak, finely chopped onions, thyme, pepper, tomato paste, carrots, cut up, celery, cut up, small white onions
  70. Oatmeal bacon pancakes (irish)
    Categories: Breakfast, Irish, Lowcal
    Ingredients: flour, fine oatmeal, buttermilk or milk, egg (beaten), strips bacon
  71. Parmesan breaded chicken
    Categories: Poultry, Main dish, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: seasoned bread crumbs, grated parmesan cheese, oregano, rosemary, basil, pepper, chicken breasts, skinned, buttermilk, oil for coating pan
  72. Teriyaki beef stir-fry
    Categories: Beef, Meats, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: flank steak, soy sauce, water, honey, cloves garlic, minced, ginger, oil, onion, chopped, broccoli, chopped, green pepper, chopped, tomato, chopped
  73. Chicken fajitas
    Categories: Poultry, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: chicken breast fillets, lemon juice, rice vinegar, worcestershire sauce, light salt, pepper, cummin, crushed coriander, cloves garlic, minced, oil, green pepper, chopped, onion, chopped, tomato, chopped, carrot, chopped
  74. Rice pudding surprise
    Categories: Desserts, Rice, Snacks, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: frozen sliced strawberries, skimmed milk, long grained rice, sugar, vanilla frozen yogurt, l/fat
  75. Low-fat white sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: cornstarch, flour, lemon pepper, nonfat milk
  76. Country gravy
    Categories: Sauces, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: worcestershire sauce, onion soup mix, thyme, cornstarch, flour, garlic powder, recipe white sauce (below), lemon pepper, nonfat milk
  77. Cheese sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: cornstarch, flour, lemon pepper, nonfat milk, lowfat cheese, grated
  78. Herbed rice pilaf
    Categories: Rice, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: ribs of celery, chopped, yellow onion, chopped, clove garlic, minced, dried thyme, olive oil, bay leaf, uncooked long grain rice, thyme sprig for garnish
  79. Perfect pasta everytime
    Categories: Pasta, Italian, Lowfat, Lowcal
    Ingredients: dry pasta (any type), salt, water
  80. Low cholesterol marinara sauce
    Categories: Sauces, Beef, Lowcal
    Ingredients: top round steak, ground, canned plum tomatoes, garlic cloves, minced, fresh oregano, red pepper flakes, ground pepper to taste, water, chopped onion, tomato paste, fresh basil, pinch sugar, olive oil (optional)
  81. Country buttermilk quickbread
    Categories: Breads, Lowcal
    Ingredients: whole wheat flour, all-purpose white flour, baking powder, salt, corn (or safflower) oil, buttermilk
  82. Buttermilk fruit sherbet
    Categories: Desserts, Fruits, Lowcal
    Ingredients: frozen unsweetened blue berries or other berries, buttermilk, divided, optional: honey or low calorie sweetener to taste
  83. Non-sweet minted middle eastern buttermilk shake
    Categories: Desserts, Snacks, Lowcal, Beverages
    Ingredients: a handful of ice cubes, fresh buttermilk, pinch of salt, fresh mint leaves
  84. Buttermilk salad dressing (06/09/93)
    Categories: Salads, Dressings, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: buttermilk, light (calorie-reduced) lowfat mayonnaise, minced fresh parsley, chopped chives, clove garlic, minced, minced fresh (or 1 ts dried) tarragon, lemon juice, dash of worcestershire sauce, salt, coarse pepper, to taste
  85. Cuban black bean soup
    Categories: Soups, Main dish, Lowcal
    Ingredients: beans, dried black, onion; chopped, margarine or butter, water, bouillon cube, beef, ham, cooked lean, bay leaves, thyme, dried leaf, oregano, dried leaf, salt, pepper, dried whole red, pepper, green bell; chopped, dark rum (optional), sour cream (optional)
  86. Vegetable tamale pie
    Categories: Main dish, Lowcal, Vegetables
    Ingredients: beans, cooked pinto; drained, onion, white; chopped, pepper, green bell; cubed, pepper, jalapeno; seeded and chopped, tomatoes, chopped canned; drained, flour, all purpose, flour, all purpose; (add to above), baking powder, cornmeal, yellow, baking soda, pepper, red bell; cubed, cheese, sharp cheddar; grated, olives, ripe; sliced, garlic, cumin, ground, chile powder, salt, egg; @ room temp, yogurt, plain, margarine; melted & cooled, chives; cut to garnish, opt.
  87. Mock sour cream
    Categories: Appetizers, Lowcal, Lowfat, Sauces
    Ingredients: skim milk, vinegar, or, uncreamed cottage cheese, undiluted apple juice - concentrate
  88. Lean cooking tips for beef
    Categories: Beef, Lowcal, Lowfat, Misc, Hints
    Ingredients: see below
  89. Baked doughnuts **
    Categories: Breakfast, Breads, Famfavorite, Lowcal, Lowfat
    Ingredients: dry yeast (1/2 oz), warm water, warm milk, vegetable shortening, sugar, salt, nutmeg, fresh ground, egg beaters, flour, all purpose, melted butter, cinnamon and sugar mix
  90. Fiesta chicken, low cal
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish, Italian
    Ingredients: can tomato sauce, finely chopped onion, chopped pimento, chili powder, chicken breast halves *, water, hot cooked rice, orange juice, raisins, oregano, crushed, clove garlic, minced, cornstarch, snipped parsley
  91. Tomato brushetta, low cal
    Categories: Appetizers, Breads, Lowcal, Italian
    Ingredients: slices fr or italian bread, olive oil, tomato, diced, ground pepper, garlic cloves, halved, onion, minced, oregano,dried, parmesan cheese, optional
  92. Garden pasta
    Categories: Main dish, Lowcal, Italian
    Ingredients: tomatoes, chopped, carrots, chopped, green onion, chopped, basil, salt, oregano, spaghetti, celery, chopped, onion, medium, chopped, equal, garlic powder, pepper, vegetable or salad oil
  93. Sesame chicken teriyaki
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: teriyaki sauce, cloves garlic, minced, chicken breast halves *, water, ground ginger, sesame seeds, toaster
  94. Chicken breasts with curried stuffing
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: shredded carrot, curry powder (or less), soft bread crumbs, water, salt, low-fat plain yogurt, sliced green onion, margarine, raisins, med chicken breast halves *, paprika, orange marmalade
  95. Cheesy chicken rolls
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: shredded lo-fat mozzarella, plain low-fat yogurt, snipped parsley, med chicken breast halves *, paprika, jar sliced mushrooms, draine, snipped chives, chopped pimento, fine dry bread crumbs, plain low-fat yogurt
  96. Nutty chicken fingers
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: cornflake crumbs, parsley flakes, garlic powder, skim milk, finely chopped pecans, salt, chicken breast halves *
  97. Crab-stuffed chicken
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish, Microwave
    Ingredients: crabmeat(or imitation) chop, fine dry bread crumbs, snipped parsley, med chicken breast halves *, water chestnuts, chop finely, mayonnaise or salad dressing, dijon-style mustard, white wine worcestershire
  98. Chicken and vegetable casseroles
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: zucchini, cut in 1/4" slices, sm tomato, cut in thin wedge, snipped parsley, garlic powder, margarine, small onion *, sliced pitted ripe olives, snipped fresh basil **, med chicken breast hlves ***
  99. Ginger and peach chicken
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish, Oriental
    Ingredients: chicken breast halves *, cornstarch, salt, hot cooked rice, can peach slices, lite syrup, grated gingerroot, sliced water chestnuts,drain, pkg frozen pea pods, cooked
  100. Chicken medaillons
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: sliced fresh mushrooms, sliced green onion, lemon juice, tomato, peeled, seeded, chop, instant chicken bouillon, skim milk, shredded carrot, finely chopped celery, dried thyme, crushed, chicken breast halves *, cornstarch
  101. Marinated chicken kabobs
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: water, dried tarragon, crushed, lemon juice, clove garlic, minced, med green/sweet red pepper, olive oil or cooking oil, hot pepper sauce, salt, med zucchini, cut in 1" piec
  102. Chicken marsala
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: sliced fresh mushrooms, water, dry marsala or dry sherry, sliced green onion, salt
  103. Lime-sauced chicken
    Categories: Lowcal, Poultry, Main dish
    Ingredients: of a medium lime, cornstarch, apple juice or cider, dry instant chicken bouillon
  104. Steamed fish and spinach
    Categories: Lowcal, Fish, Main dish
    Ingredients: pkg frzn fish fillets,thawed, clove garlic, minced, dry white wine, salt, pkg frozen chopped spinach *, chopped onion, olive or vegetable oil, dried tarragon or basil, pepper, green or sweet red pepper **
  105. Citrus shrimp and scallops
    Categories: Lowcal, Fish
    Ingredients: fresh or frozen scallops, orange juice, grated gingerroot, ground red pepper, orange, cut in 8 wedges, finely shredded orange peel, soy sauce, clove garlic, minced, fresh or frozen pea pods
  106. Grilled flank steak
    Categories: Lowcal, Beef
    Ingredients: chopped onion, chili powder, tomato sauce, honey, pepper, clove garlic, minced, margarine, vinegar, salt, beef flank steak, 3/4" thick
  107. Garden burgers
    Categories: Lowcal, Meats, Beef
    Ingredients: egg white, finely shredded carrot, finely chopped green pepper, pepper, ground turkey or lean beef, fine dry bread crumbs, finely chopped onion, salt, grated parmesan cheese, med tomato, sliced
  108. Dieter's taco salad 2
    Categories: Lowcal, Salads, Mexican
    Ingredients: ground beef, lean, green pepper, large, chopped, vinegar, pepper, red, crushed, garlic powder, tortillas, 8-inch, tomatoes, cherry, halved, parmesan cheese, grated, onion, medium, tomatoe sauce, no-salt, mustard, dry, basil, dried, crushed, water, lettuce, shredded, carrot, medium, shredded