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  1. Breakfast sausage patties
    Categories: Magazine, Breakfast, Meats
    Ingredients: ground turkey, dried sage, dried thyme, rosemary; crushed, salt, olive oil
  2. Potato-bacon cups
    Categories: Magazine, Breakfast, Vegetables, Side dish
    Ingredients: potatoes; cooked & mashed, cottage cheese; low fat, turkey bacon; crumbled, skim milk, garlic powder, rosemary; crushed, salt, black pepper
  3. Carolyn's southwestern chicken stew
    Categories: Magazine, Soups/stews, Poultry
    Ingredients: chicken pieces; skin & fat, . removed, flour; all-purpose, olive oil, garlic; minced, chicken broth; 14oz each, hunt's whole tomatoes; 14oz, hunt's tomato paste, pearl onions, seasoned salt, ground cumin, sprigs oregano, sprigs thyme, bay leaf, red pepper flakes; crushed, kielbasa or smoked turkey, . sausage, new potatoes; cut in chunks, carrots; cut into chunks, zucchini; cut into chunks, yellow squash, cut into, . chunks, whole kernal corn; 8oz, cilantro; chopped
  4. Super-moist roast turkey
    Categories: Magazine, Holidays, Poultry
    Ingredients: turkey; thawed to room temp, salt, pepper, onions; finely chopped, carrots; finely chopped, celery; finely chopped, turnip; finely chopped, garlic; thinly sliced
  5. Madeira gravy
    Categories: Magazine, Holidays, Sauces
    Ingredients: madeira wine or dry sherry, pan juices from roasted, . turkey, chicken broth, pepper, dried thyme
  6. Thanksgiving chowder
    Categories: Magazine, Holidays, Soups/stews
    Ingredients: olive oil, winter squash; cut into, . 1/4-inch cubes, divided, celery root; cut into, . 1/4-inch cubes, divided, turkey stock, rice; uncooked, savoy cabbage; coarsely, . chopped, turkey meat; cooked & cubed, salt & pepper to taste
  7. Old-fashioned fish chowder
    Categories: Magazine, Fish, Soups/stews
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, onions; minced, baking potatoes; cubed, dried thyme, turkey, fish or vegetable, . stock, cod or haddock fillet, milk, salt, pepper; fresh ground, paprika for garnish
  8. Spicy winter vegetable chowder
    Categories: Magazine, Vegetables, Soups/stews
    Ingredients: olive oil, garlic; minced, onion; minced, turnips; cut into 1/4-inch, . cubes, mushrooms; coarsely chopped, ground cumin, dried mint, chili powder, fennel seeds, turkey stock; divided, canned tomatoes; whole, frozen baby lima beans; 10oz, . thawed (see note), cilantro or parsley; chopped, . for garnish
  9. Broiled cheese polenta
    Categories: Breads, Sides, Magazine
    Ingredients: water, yellow cornmeal, dried basil, packed grated sharp cheddar
  10. Honey, fig and fennel whole wheat bread
    Categories: Breads, Magazine
    Ingredients: warm water (105^ - 115^f), honey, envelopes dry yeast, unbleached ap flour, whole wheat flour, olive oil, fennel seeds, lightly crushed in mortar w/ pestle, salt, ground ginger, pkg. dried calimyrna figs, diced