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  1. Daall-mepali lentil soup recipe
    Categories: Soups, Meatless, Vegetarian
    Ingredients: rice, water, lentils, water or broth, butter, onion diced, tomato diced, seasoning packet, garlic, crushed, salt and pepper to taste
  2. Spinach & stilton pancakes
    Categories: Breads, Cheese, Meatless
    Ingredients: buckwheat flour, plain white flour, eggs, butter; melted, milk, water, fresh spinich, onion, stilton cheese, walnut pieces, butter, garlic sliver, butter, plain white flour, stock, double cream, freshly grated parmesan, (heaped) dijon mustard
  3. Spanish onion torte
    Categories: Mexican, Meatless, Personal, Vegetables
    Ingredients: olive oil, spanish onions, water, red wine, dried rosemary, potatoes, natural yoghurt, plain flour, egg, parmesan cheese, chopped italian parsley
  4. Mexican refried beans
    Categories: Vegetables, Mexican, Meatless, Easy
    Ingredients: olive oil, cloves garlic, minced, pinto beans (15-1/2 oz can), freshly ground black pepper
  5. Salsa cruda
    Categories: Spices, Mexican, Meatless
    Ingredients: medium tomatoes, quartered, medium onion, quartered, jalapeno chiles, halved seeds removed, optional, lime or lemon juice, salt, chopped cilantro, optional
  6. Huevos en rabo de mestiza/poached eggs in tomato-chile sa
    Categories: Mexican, Cheese/eggs, Meatless
    Ingredients: oil, onions; thinly sliced, canned whole tomatoes, canned whole green chiles, cut into strips, chicken broth or water, salt, sugar, black pepper, eggs, monterey jack cheese cut into 8 slices