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  1. Jugged hare (rabbit) england, 1783
    Categories: main dish, game, ethnic, medieval
    Ingredients: to 5 lb hare or rabbit; jointed, flour, bacon drippings, onions; sliced, (1/2 cup) diced bacon, light game stock, ground cloves, mixed sweet herbs, mace
  2. Small birds in a pie england, 1378
    Categories: poultry, game, ethnic, medieval, bakery
    Ingredients: (2 cups) minced pork, hard-boiled eggs; chopped, grated cheese, allspice, sugar, saffron, salt, pastry, to 3 quail, cut in half (may substi; tute chicken), butter, stock
  3. To boil pheasants, partridges, capons, and curlews
    Categories: main dish, poultry, game, ethnic, medieval
    Ingredients: to 5 lb pheasant or capon, chicken or game stock, salt, whole peppercorns, to 3 cinnamon sticks (to taste), powdered ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg
  4. Poached partridges england, 15th century
    Categories: main dish, game, ethnic, medieval
    Ingredients: marrow bones, to 2-1/2 lb partridge (quail, peppercorns, a little flour, oil for frying, beef stock, red wine, ground cloves, mace, saffron, ginger, parsley; freshly chopped
  5. A grete pye
    Categories: Medieval, Main dish, Meat
  6. Beef steaks england, 15th century
    Categories: Ethnic, Medieval, Beef, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: parsley, finely chopped, onion, finely minced, hardboiled egg yolks, raw beef marrow, minced or- shredded suet, powdered ginger, powdered cinnamon, pepper, salt, steaks, thinly sliced, butter for basting, butter, wine vinegar, verjuice (see rec.) or cider, powdered ginger, powdered cinnamon, hardboiled egg yolks, mashed
  7. Broiled venison
    Categories: Medieval, Meat, Main dish
  8. Decorated meatballs
    Categories: Medieval, Meat, Appetizers
  9. Grete pye
    Categories: Medieval, Main dish, Meat
  10. Mawmenye - lentils and lamb medieva
    Categories: Medieval, Ethnic, Main dish, Meat
    Ingredients: lean lamb, cut into small, pieces 1/2" by 1/2", pepper, salt, butter for sauteing, chicken broth, dry lentils, beef broth, cinnamon, salt, dried basil, diced turnip or squash, currants, coarsely cut figs, 'gold' leaves of any edible plant, such as young celery leaves or 6 to 8 dandelion flowers
  11. Merrie crown roast of porkfjvs25a
    Categories: Medieval, Holidays, Main dish, Meat
    Ingredients: pork crown roast, salt, pepper, hrs.
  12. Pork roast with spiced wine
    Categories: Medieval, Main dish, Meat