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  1. Cheesy pita salad sandwiches
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: tomato chopped coarsely, sliced cucumbers, alfalfa sprouts, chopped sweet red pepper, chopped green pepper, celery, coarsely ground pepper, low cal. italian salad, dressing, (2 oz.) shredded swiss, whole wheat pita bread, rounds cut in half, crosswise
  2. Golden delicious grill
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: (4 oz.) shredded cheddar, cheese, divided, slices reduced calorie, whole wheat bread toasted, golden delicious apple,, cored & thinly sliced,, divided, finely chopped green, onions, divided.
  3. Beaver tail beans
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: beaver tail, onion, chopped, salt & pepper, pot of beans
  4. Beef and cabbage joes ii
    Categories: Ground beef, Misc.
    Ingredients: ground beef, onion; chopped, 1 md., celery stalks sliced, cabbage; shredded, green pepper; chopped, catsup, water, salt, pepper, worchester sauce, cooking oil with, hot pepper sauce., hot pepper sauce, dry mustard, salsa, cornstarch, hamburger buns; *, grated cheddar cheese, sour cream
  5. Bibs soles' haroset
    Categories: Misc., Jewish
    Ingredients: apples, spy, lemon juice; optional, walnut halves, hazelnuts; filberts, sweet kosher wine; for passover or more
  6. Brandy eggnog
    Categories: Beverages, Misc.
    Ingredients: eggs, separated, super fine sugar, salt, vanilla, brandy, milk, whipping cream, nutmeg
  7. Brown rice pilaf
    Categories: Low-cal, Misc.
    Ingredients: instant chicken bouillon, brown rice, quick cooking, dried marjoram, crushed, snipped fresh parsley, sliced fresh mushrooms, shredded carrot, thinly sliced green onion
  8. Brunswick stew
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: rabbits, squirrels, venison, onions, med, diced & sauteed, potatoes, diced, broth (from parboil), butter, cream style corn, lima/butter beans, can, tomatoes, okra (if available), worcestershire sauce, bay leaves, salt, peppercorns, red pepper, dried
  9. Budget red beans and rice
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: dry kidney beans, rinsed, dry pinto beans, rinsed, water, chicken broth, garlic cloves, minced, bay leaves, tomatoes with liquid, chopped (14 1/2 oz), jar (4 oz) chopped pimiento, drained, green pepper, chopped, onion, chopped, celery, chopped, diced green chiles (4 oz.), snipped fresh parsley, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. ground cumi, 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. hot pepper sauce, paprika, salt, vinegar, rice
  10. Buffalo medallions
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: 2 oz. buffalo medallions, cut from tenderloin, butter, jigger jack daniel's whiskey, reduced veal stock, heavy cream, salt & pepper to taste
  11. Buffalo burgers
    Categories: Misc., Meats
    Ingredients: ground buffalo, pepper, worcestershire sauce, ketchup, salt, mustard, horseradish
  12. Caramel-orange buche de noel1
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: egg yolks, firmly packed dark brown sugar, all purpose flour, toasted sliced almonds, unbleached all purpose flour, eggs, separated, firmly packed dark brown sugar, grated orange peel, vanilla extract, cream of tartar, salt, half and half, imported white chocolate (such as lindt), chopped, grated orange peel, powered sugar, (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature, grand marnier or other orange liqueur, pine twigs, candied cranberries (see recipe below) or fresh currants
  13. Chef's rabbit
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: rabbit -or-, pheasants (cut in pieces), salt and white pepper, flour, bacon slices, cut into lg, squares, onion, chopped fine, extra large mushrooms, whole, or quartered, beef stock, sour cream
  14. Chickpeas with pasta and zucchini
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: italian sausage, onion, large, chopped, fennel seeds, chickpeas, drained 19 oz, zucchini, chunks, salt, olive oil, basil, dried, bay leaf, small shell pasta, parsley, fresh, chopped, black pepper, freshly ground
  15. Chicken rice burritos
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: sour cream, milk, green chilies, uncle ben's brand chicken flavor rice pilaf, cayenne pepper, diced, cooked chicken, salt, flour tortillas
  16. Chili beef tacos
    Categories: Misc., Mexican, Chili
    Ingredients: chili powder, garlic cloves, crushed, strained fresh lime juice, olive oil, cumin, stewing beef cut into 1/2 in, italian plum tomatoes;, drained and crushed, beef broth, bottle dark beer, large onion chopped, jalapeno chilies, minced, pkg. frozen corn, thawed and, pimento stuffed green olives, pimentos, drained chopped, salt and pepper, taco shells, sharp cheddar cheese, shredd, bunch romaine lettuce; chopp, chopped seeded tomatoes, hot or mild salsa, sour cream
  17. Chili beans
    Categories: Misc., Chili
    Ingredients: dried black beans, dried black-eyed peas, ham hock, chicken stock or water or low-sodium chicken broth, salt; as desired
  18. Claret cup
    Categories: Ethnic, Misc., Beverages
    Ingredients: fronzen lemonade*, grapefruit soda**, brandy, cointreau or curacao, bottle claret wine, ice cubes or mold
  19. Confetti scalloped potatoes
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: butter or margarine, chopped onion, frozen hash brown potatoes, 16 oz., condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted (10 3/4 oz), milk (soupcan), shredded cheddar cheese (4 ounces), green pepper, cut into strips, pimiento, chopped, dash pepper, cheese cracker crumbs, divided
  20. Cornbread stuffing w/apples and golden raisins
    Categories: Misc., Low-cal
    Ingredients: eggs, whites only, skim milk, applesauce, cornmeal*, ribs, celery, chopped, onion, chopped, chopped fresh parsley, dried thyme, salt and pepper to taste, sugar, baking powder, salt, golden raisins, dry sherry (optional), defatted broth or low sodium chicken broth
  21. Cristel's beef strips with sweet & hot sauce
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: round steak, water, salt, cooking oil, egg, dry bread crumbs, ginger, dash of pepper ----------------------, sweet & hot sauce, catsup, vinegar, dry mustard, sugar, soy sauce, hot pepper sauce
  22. Curried garbanzo beans and potatoes
    Categories: Misc., Low-cal
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, finely chopped onion, curry powder, ground cumin, water, grannysmith apple,peel+slice, garbanzobeans,drained,15.5oz, diced yellow bell pepper, +1t all-purpose flour, salt, pepper, diced red potato, frozen green peas, thawed, hot cooked long-grain rice
  23. Dagwood bumstead sandwich
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: onions, head lettuce, tomatoes, sliced, lobster tail, eagle talon, fish (pref.2-days old), pot spaghetti cold and gooey, bacon (cooked?), meatloaf, ham, fried egg (over easy), string of sausages, mayonnaise, jar of pickle relish, tin of sardine in oil, bottle of ketchup, bottle sweet mustard, hot mustard, loaf bread, assorted cheese, assorted vegetables, assorted olives
  24. Dried cherry couscous
    Categories: Pasta, Misc.
    Ingredients: couscous (10 oz size)*, olive oil, carrot, diced fine, red bell pepper/dice fine, yellow bell pepper/dice fine, green bell pepper/dice fine, fresh chives, or, chopped green onions, for garnish, dried cherries**
  25. Drunken spareribs
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: spareribs, bourbon, soy sauce, brown sugar, dijon mustard
  26. Duchess potato puff
    Categories: Ethnic, Misc.
    Ingredients: water, margarine or butter, salt, milk, mashed potatoe flakes, egg, dairy sour cream, shredded cheddar cheese*
  27. Dymamite chili with beans
    Categories: Chili, Misc.
    Ingredients: -formatted by s.grabowski, soaked pinto beans, drained, oil or bacon drippings, sliced onion, chopped green pepper, minced garlic clove, boneless pork cut into 1/2 inch cubes, stew meat cubed, can whole tomatoes, chili powder, diced jalapeno pepper or, serrano pepper, dried mexican oregano, cumin, dry red wine, salt to taste, fresh ground pepper to taste, tortilla flour mixed in, water to form a paste
  28. Egg salad
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: egg; hard cooked, chopped, salt, seasoning salt, garlic salt, mayonnaise; to 1/2 cup, celery salt, dill weed, paprika
  29. Frank's sure-kill venison chili
    Categories: Misc., Meats, Chili
    Ingredients: venison cubed/course ground, kidney beans as extender, tomato sauce, tomato paste, onion, butter, fresh mushrooms, garlic wedges, stewed tomatoes (optional), barbeque sauce, sugar-more or less to taste, water, red pepper, jalapeno peppers - diced, louisiana hot sauce, worcestershire sauce, oregeno, bell pepper-finely chopped, other spices that look good, that you have a mind to use
  30. German-style hasenpfeffer
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: rabbit, cut into pieces, vegetable oil, bay leaf, crumbled, garlic clove, chopped, spice clove, bacon, diced, small carrots, chopped, mushrooms, optional, vinegar, water, sour cream or evap. milk
  31. Gratin of potatoes and porcini mushrooms in cream
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: dried porcini mushrooms rinsed, hot water, shallots, baking potatoes (preferably idaho), peeled, halved lengthwise, olive oil, whipping cream, milk, salt, freshly ground pepper, whipping cream
  32. Gulai kambing (spiced lamb)
    Categories: Lamb, Mideast, Misc.
    Ingredients: lamb, fresh, onion, thai chile, ginger, fresh; 3/4" knob, lemon grass root, 1/2" knob, lemon grass, stem, garlic clove, macadamia nut, tomato, ripe, oil, cardamom, ground, cumin powder, turmeric, fennel powder, cinnamon stick; 2", cloves, whole, salt; to taste, pepper, black; to taste, coconut milk
  33. Halloween meatloaf mice
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: catsup, egg whites; beaten, ground turkey, ground beef, carrots **, spaghetti noodles; uncooked, onion; chopped fine, oatmeal; uncooked, salt and pepper to taste, raisins, spaghetti sauce, canned
  34. Herbed lamb with apples
    Categories: Meats, Misc., Low-cal
    Ingredients: apple juice or cider, lemon juice, dried rosemary, crushed, salt, finely shredded lemon peel, honey, garlic clove, minced, pepper
  35. Homemade cracker jack (carmelcorn)
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: honey, butter or margarine, popped corn, shelled peanuts
  36. Homemade granola
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: rolled oats, sesame seeds, light sesame oil, ground cinnamon, wheat germ, shelled peanuts (or soybeans, honey, grated nutmeg or cardamon
  37. Lbj pedernales river chili
    Categories: Misc., Chili, Meats
    Ingredients: venison, bite size chili grind fine *or*, chuck, well trimmed, ground, onion, chopped, garlic cloves, minced, oregano, cumin seed, hot water, chili powder, canned whole tomato, liquid hot pepper sauce, salt to taste
  38. Lecithin pan coating
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: grain alcohol; or vodka, lecithin, liquid
  39. Madhur's garam masala
    Categories: India, Misc.
    Ingredients: cardamom seeds;whole not pods, cinnamon stick;2 inch, black cumin seeds, cloves, whole, black peppercorns, nutmeg;average size
  40. Make-ahead brunch casserole
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: white bread,cubed, cheddar cheese,shredded, swiss cheese, shredded, green onion,chopped, green pepper,diced, tomato,seeded & diced, eggs,beaten, milk, parsley,chopped, dry mustard, salt, pepper, bacon,fried & crumbled
  41. Mee krob
    Categories: Thai, Misc.
    Ingredients: 2-in piece of tamarind pulp, peanut or corn oil (for deep-frying), dried rice stick noodles, med shrimp shelled and deveined, whole boned chicken breast cut into slices, shallots; minced, minced garlic, serrano chiles finely minced, oil for deep-frying, eggs; lightly beaten, lime (zest only), tomato paste, sugar, thai fish sauce (nam pla), fresh lime juice, green onions; trimmed, cut into 1-in lengths blanched, fresh coriander leaves, bean sprouts; tails removed (for garnish), salt
  42. Mee krob (sweet thai noodles)
    Categories: Thai, Pasta, Misc.
    Ingredients: water, sugar (white granulated), vinegar (white), salt, dried shrimp (kung haeng), serrano chilies, green onions (whites only), tofu, firm or extra firm, eggs, vegetable oil (approx. amnt), rice noodles (very thin)
  43. Mrs. wilkinson's parsley scone
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: bacon, self-raising flour, salt, butter, cheese, milk (150ml), ketchup, worcester sauce,dash, parsley,fresh chopped
  44. Muffallatas and olive dressing from: my loving sister toni
    Categories: Misc., Cajun
    Ingredients: round bread, american cheese, provolone cheese, salad olives, holland onions, pickled cauliflower, ribs celery, muffallata, olive dressing, sliced ham, sliced genoa salami, head garlic, italian seasoning, olive oil
  45. Noodle stroganoff
    Categories: Ground beef, Misc.
    Ingredients: butter or margarine, sliced scallions or onions, garlic clove; minced, mushrooms; sliced, ground beef, lemon juice, burgundy or other red wine, beef consomme, salt, pepper, medium egg noodles, sour cream, snipped parsley
  46. Old-fashioned spice cake1
    Categories: Desserts, Misc.
    Ingredients: (13 ounces) evaporated milk, 1 tb plus 1 ts vinegar, all-purpose flour*, granulated sugar, raisins, if desired, packed brown sugar, shortening, baking soda, packed brown sugar, margarine or butter, reserved evaporated milk, baking powder, salt, ground cinnamon, ground allspice, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, eggs (about 1/3 cup), powdered sugar
  47. Olive sandwich spread
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: cream cheese, softened, (3 oz. each), mayonnaise, chopped green olives, chopped pecans, olive juice
  48. Orange-avocado salads
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: oranges, pared and sliced, avocados, sliced, thin slices red onion,, vegetable oil, grated orange peel, orange juice, sugar separated into rings, salad greens, lemon juice, dry mustard, salt
  49. Orange-jicama salads
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: oranges, pared and sliced, avocados, sliced, vegetable oil, grated orange peel, orange juice, sugar, jicama, halved, salad greens, lemon juice, dry mustard, salt
  50. Orange-onion dressing
    Categories: Fruits, Misc., Dressings
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, orange juice, grated onion, honey or sugar, prepared mustard, celery salt, pepper
  51. Orange-pecan dressing
    Categories: Rice/grains, Misc., Dressings
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, orange juice, chopped pecans, honey or sugar, prepared mustard, celery salt
  52. Orange-glazed cherry pie
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: for 9-inch two crust pie, sugar, all-purpose flour, powdered sugar, finely shredded, fresh red tart cherries, pitted*, margarine or butter, orange peel, orange juice
  53. Orange-glazed nuts
    Categories: Rice/grains, Misc.
    Ingredients: sugar, grated orange peel, orange juice, pecan or walnut halves, toasted
  54. Oven rice
    Categories: Rice/grains, Misc.
    Ingredients: uncooked regular long grain rice, water, salt, if desired
  55. Overnight caramel sticky rolls
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour*, granulated sugar, salt, regular or quick-acting active dry yeast, very warm milk (120 to 130 degrees), margarine or butter, softene, egg, packed brown sugar, margarine or butter, dark corn syrup, pecan halves, margarine or butter, softened, chopped pecans, granulated sugar, packed brown sugar, ground cinnamon
  56. Overnight danish pastries
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: regular or quick-acting active dry yeast, warm water (105 to 115 degre, all-purpose flour*, sugar, salt, powdered sugar, vanilla, cold butter,** cut into small pieces, eggs, milk, jam or preserves, water or milk
  57. Oyster stuffing enough for a 10-15 lb turkey
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: loaf white bread, unsliced, butter or regular margarine, onions, chopped, stalk celery, with tops, chopped, minced parsley, fresh thyme leaves, salt, freshly ground black pepper, oysters in liquor
  58. Pan kolls
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: all-purpose* or unbleached flour, sugar, shortening or margarine or butter, softened, salt, regular or quick-acting active dry yeast, very warm water (120 to 130 degrees), very warm milk (120 to 130 degrees), egg, margarine or butter, softend
  59. Parsley dumplings
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: shortening, all-purpose flour*, chopped fresh parsley or chives, baking powder, salt, milk
  60. Parsley rice
    Categories: Spices/etc., Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: uncooked regular long grain rice, water, salt, if desired, chopped fresh parsley
  61. Pat-in-the-pan oil pastry
    Categories: Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour*, vegetable oil, salt, cold water
  62. Peach glace pie
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: baked pie shell--9-inch, sliced fresh peaches (about 5 medium), sugar, cornstarch, water, few drops red food color, if desired, (3 ounces) cream cheese, softened, fruit protector, to prevent from discoloring--use as directed on package.
  63. Peach pie--10-inch
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: for 10-inch two-crust pie, sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, sliced fresh peaches (8 to 1 medium)*, lemon juice, margarine or butter
  64. Peach pie--9-inch
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: for 9-inch two-crust pie, sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, sliced fresh peaches (6 to 8 medium)*, lemon juice, margarine or butter
  65. Peach pirouette
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: boiling water, (3 ounces each) orange flavored gelatin, (16 ounces) frozen sliced peaches, partially thawed, whipping (heavy) cream, whipping (heavy) cream, (5-1/2 ounces) tube-shaped, pirouette cookies (about 24
  66. Peach-apricot pie
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: for 9-inch two-crust pie, packed brown sugar, apricot jam or preserves, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, sliced fresh peaches (8 to 10 medium), lemon juice, margarine or butter
  67. Peachy yogurt cooler
    Categories: Fruits, Misc., Desserts
    Ingredients: chilled peach nectar, milk, container (6 ounces) peach yogurt, ground nutmeg
  68. Peach fritters (parshing ponakucka)
    Categories: Penndutch, Misc.
    Ingredients: sugar, egg, well beaten, butter, flour, baking powder, salt, milk, lemon juice, vanilla, peaches, chopped, whipping cream
  69. Peanut butter & jelly french toast
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: slices bread, peanut butter, jelly or jam, eggs, milk, salt, butter or margarine
  70. Pear waldorf salad
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: pears, coarsely chopped (about 2 cups), stalks celery, chopped (about 1 cup), mayonnaise or salad dressing, coarsely chopped nuts
  71. Peppermint ice cream
    Categories: Desserts, Misc.
    Ingredients: egg yolks, beaten, sugar, milk, salt, whipping (heavy) cream, vanilla, crushed peppermint candy sticks, few drops red or green food
  72. Pimentos grilled chicken with raspberry butter sauce
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: boneless, skinless chicken, breasts (approx 1 1/2 lbs), unsalted butter, shallot, chopped, pesto, tarragon, raspberry wine vinegar, raspberry jam, red wine, salt and pepper, fresh raspberries, (optional)
  73. Pineapple crisp
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: (13-1/2 ounces each) pineapple chunks, drained, or 2 cn (20 ounces each) crushed pineapple, drained, packed brown sugar, all-purpose flour*, oats, margarine or butter, softened, ground cinnamon, ground nutmeg
  74. Pink lemonade
    Categories: Fruits, Misc., Beverages
    Ingredients: cold water, lemon juice (about 4 lemons), sugar, grenadine syrup, 2 or 3 dr red food coloring, if desired
  75. Plum pie
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: for 9-inch two crust pie, sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, fresh purple plum slices, margarine or butter
  76. Plum and peach salad
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: plums, sliced, peaches, sliced, coarsely chopped walnuts, toasted, raspberry preserves, red wine vinegar or vinegar, walnut or vegetable oil
  77. Poppy seed soup
    Categories: Misc., Desserts
    Ingredients: half-and-half, poppy seed, (16 ounces) vanilla yogurt, honey, ground honey, ground nutmeg, salt
  78. Prize-winning creole jambalaya
    Categories: Misc., Cajun
    Ingredients: chopped onion, chopped celery, chopped green pepper, garlic cloves, minced, butter or margarine, cubed fully cooked ham, tomatoes with liquid, cut up (28 oz.), condensed beef broth (10 1/2-oz.), uncooked long grain white rice, water, sugar, dried thyme, chili powder, pepper, fresh or frozen uncooked shrimp, peeled & deveined, chopped fresh parsley
  79. Purim ravioli
    Categories: Jewish, Italian, Pasta, Misc.
    Ingredients: spinach;small leaves bulk salt, olive oil, onion;small, quartered, carrot;small, peeled & coarsely chopped, chicken breast;cubed freshly ground black pepper, flour;unbleached, homemade pasta;made with 4 eggs & 2/12 cups flour water, marinara sauce;(momma's tomato sauce) or meat sauce
  80. Quick tacos
    Categories: Misc., Mexican
    Ingredients: veg. oil, med onion, chopped, clove garlic, chopped cooked chicken, tomato puree, 4oz can green chilies*, salt and pepper, med corn tortillas, shredded monterey jack chees, large, thinly sliced avocado, hot salsa
  81. Rabbit in white wine
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: lg. rabbit cut in pieces, butter, onion, sliced, carrot, sliced, celery stalks, diced, thyme, marjoram, chicken bouillon, vinegar, dry white wine, sour cream, salt & pepper
  82. Rabbit pie
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: jack rabbits -or-, cottontails, celery stalk, diced, reserved stock, chicken bouillon, medium onion, diced, celery (from above stalk), flour, lg. onion, diced, salt & pepper, prepared biscuits, salt, pepper, sage, poultry seasoning
  83. Raised rabbits with prunes
    Categories: Meats, Misc.
    Ingredients: rabbit, boned, flour, butter, prunes, beef broth, chicken broth, salt & white pepper
  84. Raspberry butter
    Categories: Misc., Spices/etc.
    Ingredients: margarine or butter, softene, raspberries, crushed, sugar or 1/4 c raspberry jam
  85. Raspberry glace pie
    Categories: Fruits, Misc.
    Ingredients: baked pie shell--9-inch, quarts raspberries, sugar, cornstarch, water, few drops red food color, if desired, (3 ounces) cream cheese, softened
  86. Raspberry-chocolate coffee cake
    Categories: Fruits, Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour*, sugar, margarine or butter, softene, milk, baking powder, vanilla, firm margarine or butter, all-purpose flour, salt, egg, (6 ounces) semisweet chocolate chips, fresh or unsweetened frozen (thawed) raspberries, sugar, slivered almonds
  87. Raspberry-marzipan coffee cake
    Categories: Fruits, Misc., Rice/grains
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour*, sugar, margarine or butter, softene, milk, baking powder, vanilla, firm margarine or butter, all-purpose flour, salt, egg, (3-1/2 ounces) almond paste, finely chopped, fresh or unsweetened frozen (thawed) raspberries, sugar, slivered almonds
  88. Raw potato pancake
    Categories: Penndutch, Misc.
    Ingredients: potato, raw, egg, separated, salt, flour, baking powder
  89. Red beans and rice- pink adobe
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: dry red beans, onion,chopped, salt, vinegar, crushed red pepper flakes, meaty ham hock, chopped onion, bacon fat, canned tomato sauce, ground black pepper, tabasco sauce, dried thyme, cooked white rice, sausage,cooked and sliced
  90. Red french dressing
    Categories: Misc., Dressings
    Ingredients: classic french dressing, ketchup
  91. Rice with raisins
    Categories: Rice/grains, Jewish, Italian, Misc.
    Ingredients: olive oil, garlic clove finely minced, parsley; fresh - chopped, rice; short grain, raisins; dark seedless, salt, broth; hot, pepper; black
  92. Rosamarina-fruit salad
    Categories: Misc., Fruits
    Ingredients: water, rosamarina, salt, if desired, whipping (heavy) cream, sugar, seedless grapes, halved, chopped pecans, shredded lemon peel, stalk celery, sliced (about 1/2 cup), (11 ounces) mandarin orange pineapple sections, drained
  93. Rosy grape jelly
    Categories: Beverages, Misc., Spices/etc.
    Ingredients: cranberry juice cocktail, grape juice, (1-3/4 ounces) powdered fruit pectin, sugar
  94. Rye cakes
    Categories: Penndutch, Misc.
    Ingredients: rye meal, soda, salt, molasses, milk, sour, egg
  95. S.o.s.
    Categories: Misc., Breakfast
    Ingredients: ground beef, flour, milk, salt and pepper to taste, slices of toast
  96. Seafood stuffed pork tenderloin with shrimp sauce
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: pork tenderloin, sticks butter, whipping cream, thyme, peeled small shrimp, crawfish tails, chopped green onions, chopped parsley, minced garlic, oregano, chopped onions, honey, worcestershire sauce, water, white pepper, salt, tabasco sauce, salt to taste, red & black pepper to taste
  97. Sour cream potatoes
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: frozen hash browns,thawed, cheddar cheese,grated, cream of chicken soup, carton sour cream, salt, onion, diced, garlic salt to taste, cornflakes,crushed, stick margarine or butter
  98. Southwest meatball supper
    Categories: Ground beef, Misc.
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, onion, diced, about 3/4 cup, chili powder, lean ground beef, fine dry bread crumbs, egg, salt, 16 oz. jar mild taco sauce, fresh, ripe tomato, cut into bite-size chunks, about 1 cup, head iceberg lettuce, cored and shredded, about 4 cups, coarsely grated monterey jack cheese, optional, ripe avocado, peeled, pitted and sliced, opt., fresh basil or cilantro sprigs, optional
  99. Spam salad cones
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: 12 oz cubed spam, chopped celery, mayonnaise, toasted slivered almonds, chopped onion, pickle relish, mustard, 8" flour tortillas, lettuce leaves
  100. Spam primavera
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: spam, cut in strips, carrots, thinly sliced, zucchini, thinly sliced, finely chopped onion, garlic clove, minced, olive oil, divided, 9 oz package linguini, cooked, grated parmesan cheese, lemon juice, white pepper
  101. Spam burgers
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: spam, mayonaisse or salad dsg, lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes, cheese of your choice, hamburger buns, split
  102. Stir-fried cucumbers and beef
    Categories: Korean, Misc., Beef
    Ingredients: cucumbers, lean beef, crushed garlic, finely chopped green onion, roasted sesame seeds, sesame oil, chili pepper; shredded, salt, salad oil, salt and pepper, soy sauce, ground chili pepper, salt
  103. Stuffing ring
    Categories: Misc., Preserve
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, onion; chopped, celery; chopped, bread cubes; toasted, walnuts; chopped, raisins, flour, all purpose, brown sugar; packed, baking powder salt, thyme, dried, oregano, dried, savory, dried, milk, egg
  104. Sugar of roses in various figures
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: dried rose buds (the white clipped off), loaf sugar, rose water, lemon
  105. Table decorating ideas 1
    Categories: Misc.
  106. Table decorating ideas 2
    Categories: Misc.
  107. Tomato dumplings
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: finely chopped onion, finely chopped green pepper, finely chopped celery, butter or margarine, bay leaf, tomatoes with liquid, cut up, all-purpose flour, baking powder, salt, (28-oz.), brown sugar, dried basil, salt, pepper, cold butter or margarine, snipped fresh parsley, milk
  108. Tortilla hot dog
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: hot dog; low fat or turkey, tortilla, mustard, toothpick
  109. Western beans
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: bacon strips, diced, onion, chopped, dry lentils, water, ketchup, garlic powder, chili powder, ground cumin, dried red pepper flakes, bay leaf, whole tomatoes with liquid, chopped (16 oz), pinto beans, drained (15 oz, kidney beans, drained (16 oz.)
  110. Wild rice stuffing enough for a 15 lb turkey
    Categories: Rice/grains, Misc.
    Ingredients: butter or bacon fat, salad oil, onion, chopped, raw wild rice, broken walnuts, chopped celery, the giblets, chopped, minced parsley, thyme, minced sage, salt, freshly ground black pepper, boiling chicken broth
  111. Wild rice and bulgar pilaf
    Categories: Low-cal, Misc.
    Ingredients: wild rice, chopped onion, pepper, snipped fresh parsley, chicken broth, dried tarragon, crushed, bulgar
  112. Wild rice pancakes
    Categories: Misc., Breakfast
    Ingredients: flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, egg, milk, oil, sour cream, cooked wild rice
  113. Spiced couscous
    Categories: Rice/grains, Misc.
    Ingredients: butter, cinnamon, ground, cardamom, ground, cloves, ground, chicken stock, currants, couscous, cashews; or pistachios
  114. Creamed beef sauce with noodles
    Categories: Misc., Sauces, Pasta
    Ingredients: egg noodles;cooked, hamburger, dill weed, green onions;sliced, cream of mushroom soup, sour cream, salt, pepper
  115. Spinach calzone pizzas
    Categories: Misc., Low-cal, Pizza
    Ingredients: loaf frozen bread dough, thawed, fat-free mozarella, shredded, spinach, frozen chopped, thawed and well-drained, tomato paste, onion, finely chopped, canned mushroom stems and pieces, drained, garlic clove, minced or pressed, red wine
  116. Kina pie (nz)
    Categories: New zealand, Misc.
    Ingredients: fresh kina tongue, breadcrumbs, rashers bacon
  117. Toheroa fritters (nz)
    Categories: New zealand, Misc.
    Ingredients: toheroas, onion, egg, light ale, flour, baking powder, curry powder
  118. Lean & free sirloin kabobs
    Categories: Low-cal, Misc.
    Ingredients: soy sauce, reduced salt, maple syrup, dietetic, beef sirloin 1" cubes, pineapple chunks, own juice, green pepper, cut in squares
  119. Shredded meat tamales
    Categories: Misc., Mexican
    Ingredients: corn shucks, lard, chili powder, onions, chopped, garlic cloves, crushed, cumin, ground, chili powder, salt, lard, chili powder, salt, masa, water, warm, pepper, black, raisins; finely chopped, oil, meat, shredded, water, water
  120. Monika's dal
    Categories: India, Misc.
    Ingredients: red lentils:* can use others these cook the quicker, ghee, onion; finely chopped, garlic cloves; finely chopped, ginger root;finely grated or chopped, tumeric hot water salt, garam masala, coriander, fresh; chopped also called cilantro
  121. Pizza crust
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: to 2 1/2 cups flour, quick rise yeast, salt, warm water (125 to 130 deg f), oil
  122. Traditional american rabbit fricassee
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: young rabbits, cut up, salt, black pepper, mace, olive oil, onion, finely minced, chicken tooth, fresh parsley, finely chopped, butter, flour, half-and-half, nutmeg fresh lemon juice, to taste
  123. Hearty rabbit and tomato casserole
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: oil, rabbit pieces, dry red wine, tomatoes; chopped, carrot; sliced, grated orange rind, bay leaf, dried oregano leaves, white vinegar, chicken stock cube, crumbled, water, cornstarch, water (extra)
  124. Creole rabbit jambalaya
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: whole bay leaves, salt, white pepper, garlic powder, ground red pepper, black pepper, ground red sandalwood (opt), (about 3-lb) rabbit or chicken, margarine, finely chopped onions, finely chopped celery, finely chopped green peppers, tabasco sauce, chopped tasso or smoked ham, canned tomato sauce, uncooked rice, preferably converted, rabbit or chicken stock
  125. Wilderness fried rabbit with pan gravy
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: fryer rabbit, margarine or butter, oil, milk for dipping, flour to coat, salt and pepper, flour, salt, black pepper, milk, water, paprika for garnish, parsley flakes for garnish
  126. Depression era fried rabbit
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: rabbit, salt and pepper, flour, butter, lard
  127. Depression era rabbit stew
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: rabbit, cold water, salt, hot biscuits, flour, milk or cream, salt and pepper to taste
  128. Southern fried rabbit with gravy
    Categories: game, misc.
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour, salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper , rabbit, cut up, vegetable oil, all-purpose flour, milk or chicken broth, salt and pepper, brown bouquet sauce
  129. Spicy nuts
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: egg white, cold water, pecans, sugar, salt, cinnamon
  130. Fido's favorite treats
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: uncooked oatmeal, bouillon granules, powdered milk, egg, beaten, margerine, hot water, cornmeal, whole wheat flour
  131. Fido's cheese nuggets
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: uncooked oatmeal, hot water or meat juices, (1 cup) grated cheese, egg, beaten, wheat germ, margerine, powdered milk, salt, cornmeal, whole wheat flour
  132. Fido's rewards
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: hot water or meat juices, powdered milk, egg, beaten, margerine, salt (optional), whole wheat flour
  133. Pressed sandwich
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: cooked meat or poultry diced or sliced, long loaves french bread =or=- italian bread, bacon rashers, olive oil, onion peeled & thinly sliced, brie cheese, 2 oz each
  134. Creme bath oil soak
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: whole eggs, + 1 ts witch hazel, + 1 ts corn oil, cider vinegar, yogurt, melted butter, whole milk, peach or apricot juice
  135. Pomander pebbles
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: essential oil, all-clay litter, glass jar
  136. Herbal baths
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: general info. and some, recipes, oatmeal, herbs, drop essential oil
  137. Wire sculpure
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: stiff wire, thin wire, wood bases, staple gun
  138. Herb soap balls
    Categories: Misc.
    Ingredients: boiling water, pulverized herbs (chamomile,, lavender, peppermint, rose-, mary, sage, thyme, or a, combination), drops related essential oil, shredded ivory or castille, soap, plastic wrap