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  1. Rib eyed steaks with mushroom sauce
    Categories: Main dish, Beef, Steak, Mushroom
    Ingredients: beef rib eye steaks, cut 1/4, to 1/2" thick (approximately, 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 pounds), instant beef bouillon gran., hot water, butter, divided, thinly sliced mushrooms, finely minced shallot or, green onion, salt, pepper
  2. Savory mushroom-stuffed sirloin
    Categories: Main dish, Beef, Sirloin ste, Stuffed, Mushroom
    Ingredients: boneless beef top sirloin,, cut 2 inches thick, olive oil, finely chopped mushrooms, (about 3 ounces), minced shallots or scallions, red wine, each salt, dried thyme and, black pepper