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  1. Chinese: stir-fry pork & peppers
    Categories: Main dish, Pork, Vegetables, Mushrooms, Ethnic
    Ingredients: five spice powder, dry sherry or sake, light soy sauce, garlic clove, crushed, piece ginger root, peeled, chopped (1"), pork tenderloin, cut in thin strips, onions, corn oil, red bell pepper, seeded, cut in thin strips, green bell pepper, seeded, cut in thin strips, button mushrooms, sliced, canned whole water chestnuts, sliced, cornstarch, chicken stock, leek curls (opt), green onion curls (opt)
  2. Chick pea and mushroom bake
    Categories: Vegetarian, Kaz, Healthy, Pulses, Mushrooms
    Ingredients: chick peas (dried) or, chick peas (canned), lemon juice, ground black pepper, sunflower oil, mushrooms, sunflower margerine, wholemeal flour, water, soy cheese, breadcrumbs
  3. All day chicken
    Categories: Crockpot, Chicken, Mushrooms, Fruits, Spices
    Ingredients: frozen oj, chicken stock, salt, pepper, tomato paste, soy sauce, brown sugar, cloves garlic, minced, allspice, remaining ingredients:, chicken, breasts and thighs, mushrooms, sliced, margarine or butter, (1 can) mandarin orange, sections, drained, of a medium-large bell, pepper, sliced lengthwise, ground ginger, cornstarch, cold milk, cold water
  4. Crockpot beef stroganoff
    Categories: Beef, Crockpot, Main dish, Mushrooms
    Ingredients: sour cream
  5. Fettuccine with shiitake sauce and chicken
    Categories: Pasta, Chicken, Mushrooms
    Ingredients: pkg dried shiitaki mushrooms, olive oil, dried rosemary, crumbled, shallots, minced, beef stock or canned, unsalted beef broth, boneless chicken breast, halves, cut in strips, freshly grated parmesan, cheese (about 2 ounces), fresh shiitake mushrooms or, button mushrooms, sliced, roasted garlic toasts (see, separate recipe), additional freshly grated, parmesan cheese, hot water, bacon slices, minced, minced fresh italian parsley, salt and fresh ground pepper, half and half