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  1. Quebec tourtiere
    Categories: Holiday, French can, My
    Ingredients: pastry for 9"pie (lard is tr, pork; lean ground, onion; medium, chopped salt & pepper, savory, cloves; ground water; boiling
  2. Tourtiere #2
    Categories: Meats, Holiday, French can, My
    Ingredients: pork; ground, onion; large, garlic clove, mace; ground, sage; ground, potato; small, raisins pepper to taste water; boiling, pastry for double crust pie
  3. Tourtiere #3
    Categories: Meats, Holiday, French can, My
    Ingredients: flour, baking powder salt, shortening hot water, lemon juice, egg; well beaten, pork; lean ground, onion; finely chopped salt pepper, thyme, sage, dry mustard, cloves, potato; boiled & mashed, celery stalk; minced, consomme, sage, thyme, butter, flour, parsley, mushrooms; chopped
  4. Christmas oyster soup (soupe aux huitres de noel)
    Categories: Soups, French can, Holiday, My
    Ingredients: carrots; mediun peeled & grated in long, thin shreds, celery; finely diced, butter; melted, milk; or 1/2 milk, 1/2 cream, oysters salt and pepper to taste
  5. Quebec apple dumplings
    Categories: Desserts, Holiday, French can, My
    Ingredients: pie dough (double batch), cheddar cheese-grated, apples; medium- peeled & cored, mincement, rum, butter, sugar, sugar; brown, cream, lemon rind; 1/2 lemon
  6. Leftover turkey or chicken hash
    Categories: Poultry, French can, Leftovers, My
    Ingredients: butter; melted or chicken fat (up to 3t), onion; thinly sliced, celery; diced, turkey; cooked,diced (up to 3 cups), turkey or chicken fat (i would use butter), flour water, savory, salt, pepper, cream, flour; all purpose, baking powder, salt, cream, eggs; beaten
  7. Poor knights of windsor
    Categories: British, Desserts, My
    Ingredients: raspberries, confectioners' sugar, heavy cream, sherry, egg yolks; lightly beaten, bread; up to 8 crusts remove, cut in triangles, butter; 6 tbsp, cinnamon
  8. Buttered oranges
    Categories: British, Desserts, Fruit, My
    Ingredients: oranges; large, juicy, sugar, egg yolks, sherry, rosewater; optional, butter; 1/2 cup, heavy cream, crystallized violets;for decoration, optional
  9. Nainamo bars - revisionist
    Categories: Bars, Canadian, My
    Ingredients: butter & 1 tbsp, sugar, cocoa, peppermint extract, egg, graham cracker crumbs, vanilla pudding, sugar; icing, chocolate; unsweetened
  10. Nanaimo bars
    Categories: Bars, Canadian, My
    Ingredients: first layer:, butter; unsalted, sugar, cocoa powder; unsweetened, egg; beaten, graham wafer crumbs, coconut; sweetened, almonds; finely chopped, second layer:, butter; unsalt, room temp, cream, vanilla custard powder (eg., icing sugar, icing:, chocolate; semisweet (4 sq), butter; unsalted
  11. Squamish bars
    Categories: Bars, Canadian, My
    Ingredients: peanut butter, broewn sugar;packed, corn syrup, crisp rice cereal, cornflakes, icing sugar, butter;softened, light cream, vanilla, chocolate; bittersweet or semisweet, butter
  12. Nanaimo bars -2
    Categories: Canadian, Bars, My
    Ingredients: butter, sugar, granulated, cocoa powder;unsweetened, egg;beaten, graham wafer cracker crumbs, nuts;finely chopped, coconut;shredded, butter, light cream, custard powder;*, icing sugar, semisweet chocolate, butter