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  1. Apricot - glazed pork roast
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat
    Ingredients: pork loin roast; rolled,, . boned, apricot preserves, dijon-style mustard, dried thyme, nonstick cooking spray
  2. Chicken & sausage gumbo
    Categories: Newspaper, Cajun, Meat, Soup
    Ingredients: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, flour, chicken; cut up, oil, andouille or smoked sausage;, . cut into 1/2-inch pieces, onion; chopped, bell pepper; chopped, garlic; finely chopped, okra; chopped, chicken stock, paprika, file, rice; cooked
  3. Honey - garlic marinade
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat, Sauces
    Ingredients: lemon juice, honey, soy sauce, dry sherry, garlic; crushed
  4. Iranian chelo kebob
    Categories: Newspaper, Ethnic, Meat
    Ingredients: onion, saffron, lamb or beef; boneless, cut, . cut into kebob pieces, salt & pepper to taste, butter; melted, cilantro; chopped, onions; quartered, ground sumac
  5. Lamb loin chops w/ turkish yogurt sauce
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat
    Ingredients: plain yogurt, cinnamon, allspice, salt, cayenne pepper, garlic; minced, fresh mint; chopped, lemon peel; grated, honey, lamb loin chops; 1 1/4-inch, . thick, about 5oz each
  6. Moroccan lemon-scented kebobs
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat, Ethnic
    Ingredients: lean ground beef, lemon zest; heaping, grated, cilantro; minced, salt, ground allspice, yogurt; plain, fresh mint; minced, green onion; minced, hot pepper sauce, salt & white pepper to taste
  7. Moroccan qudban
    Categories: Newspaper, Ethnic, Meat
    Ingredients: cayenne, cumin; or more to taste, turmeric, bay leaf; crushed, dried oregano, ground caraway, lemon juice, olive oil, onion; diced, garlic; minced, lamb; boneless, cut into, . 1/4-inch pieces, butter; melted, salt to taste
  8. Persian rice
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat, Grains
    Ingredients: onion; finely chopped, rice; uncooked, long grain, . or uncle ben's, ground cinnamon, ground cloves, ground nutmeg, chicken broth, orange juice, golden raisins, lemon juice, salt, pepper, apricot-glazed pork roast;, . diced (about 4oz), fresh spinach; chopped, fresh parsley; finely, . chopped, almonds; slivered & toasted
  9. Pork roast & succotash spinach salad
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat, Main dish
    Ingredients: spinach, orange juice, lime juice, vegetable oil, garlic powder, ground cumin, pepper, apricot-glazed pork roast;, . cut into strips (4oz), red onion; chopped, lima beans; drained (8oz), whole kernel corn w/ sweet, . peppers; drained (7oz)
  10. Steak salad marinated in orange juice & hot chile sesame
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat, Salads
    Ingredients: orange juice; fresh squeezed, vegetable oil (divided use), red wine vinegar (divided), hot chile sesame oil;, . several, salt & pepper to taste, red bell pepper; julienned, strip sirloin, flank steak, portobello mushrooms; stem, . removed, new potatoes; washed, scallions; green & white, . parts w/ root end cut off, handfuls mixed greens, . any kind, cilantro
  11. Super bowl stuffed bell peppers
    Categories: Newspaper, Vegetables, Side dishes, Meat
    Ingredients: green, red or yellow bell, . peppers, ground beef or turkey, onion; chopped, rice; uncooked, ketchup, dried oregano, salt, pepper, italian-style stewed tomato, . undrained, ketchup, oregano
  12. The hotel limpia's chicken fried beef tenderloin
    Categories: Newspaper, Meat
    Ingredients: beef tenderloin, flour, black pepper to taste, garlic powder, paprika, thyme, lemon pepper, cayenne pepper, whole milk, buttermilk, oil for frying