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  1. Hot spicy cold noodles
    Categories: Pasta, Picnic, Usenet
    Ingredients: chinese noodles (fresh), scallions (or green onions), chopped, chili oil, sesame seed oil, vinegar, sugar, salt, black pepper (fresh ground), msg (optional), red peppers (fresh), chopped
  2. Italian sausage(hot,spicy)
    Categories: Pork, Sausage, Italian, Dinner, Picnic
    Ingredients: pork butt, pork fat back, garlic,minced, kosher salt, fennel seed, cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes, blk.pepper, sambuca(or pernod), water, hog casings
  3. Picnic beef bologna
    Categories: Picnic, Bologna
    Ingredients: hamburger meat, extra lean, morton's tenderquick curing, salt, liquid smoke, garlic powder, ground black pepper, red wine (or water)
  4. Spinach, prosciutto and bean salad
    Categories: Entree, Picnic, Low-fat, Salad
    Ingredients: white beans; soaked over- night and drained, salt, pepper, italian bread loaf, olive oil, or less; (or sub. part apple juice or gelatin thickener), red wine vinegar, garlic clove; minced, dijon mustard, fresh spinach leaves; rinse- ed and patted dry, proscuitto; trimmed and cut into slivers, sun-dried tomatoes in oil; well-drained,patted dry and thinly sliced, chopped fresh parsley