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  1. Barley basil pilaf
    Categories: Pilaf
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, pear barley uncooked, chicken broth, salt, minced fresh cinnamon, basil or plain basil, thinkly sliced green, onions, ground nutmeg
  2. Cornish hens with raisin-rice pilaf
    Categories: Poultry, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: (1 1/2 lb. cornish hens, brandy, unsweetened apple juice, paprika, raisins, brandy, cooked wild rice, diced carrots, raisin rice pilaf, carrot curls & strips, celery leaves (opt), diced celery, cinnamon, vegetable cooking spray
  3. Zardalu polo - persian lamb and apricot pilaf
    Categories: Lamb, Rice/grains, Ethnic, Pilaf
    Ingredients: butter, onion, finely chopped, lean lamb, cubed, salt, pepper, ground turmeric, ground cinnamon, seedless raisins, preferably golden, fresh or dried apricots, halved, long-grain rice, washed in 3 changes of water
  4. Garlic-wine rice pilaf
    Categories: Garlic, Vegetables, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: rind of 1 lemon, cloves garlic, peeled, parsley, unsalted butter, regular rice (not instant), chicken stock, dry vermouth, salt & pepper to taste
  5. Rice pilaf
    Categories: Vegetables, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: sliced fresh mushrooms, green onions, sliced, butter or margarine, water, regular long grain rice, med. bell pepper *, salt, dried sage, crushed, snipped parsley
  6. Chicken pilaf atzem (epirus style)
    Categories: Greek, Poultry, Pilaf
    Ingredients: karen mintzias, frying chicken (2-1/2 lbs)*, butter or vegetable oil, onion; diced, salt & freshly ground pepper, cinnamon stick (optional), tomato sauce, raw long-grain white rice
  7. Iwitma palaaw (garbanzo pilaf)
    Categories: Rice/grains, Ethnic, Lamb, Pilaf
    Ingredients: garbanzos (dried), rice, oil, lamb (leg meat cubed), onions (sliced), carrots (peel & dice), salt & pepper, cumin (ground), barberries or currants
  8. Kalamarakia pilafi (squid baked with rice)
    Categories: Greek, Fish/sea, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: karen mintzias, medium squid, salt, olive oil, garlic cloves; sliced, dry white wine, tomatoes; peeled & seeded, butter, raw long-grain white rice, chopped parsley, chopped fresh rosemary, freshly ground pepper
  9. Kotta pilafi (chicken pilaf)
    Categories: Greek, Poultry, Pilaf
    Ingredients: chicken breasts (about 3 pounds), butter, onion, finely chopped, canned tomatoes, water, ground cinnamon, salt and pepper, uncooked rice, dairy sour cream
  10. Octopus pilaf (oktapodi pilaffi)
    Categories: Fish/sea, Greek, Pilaf
    Ingredients: octopus, skinned, onions, finely chopped, garlic, finely chopped, bay leaf, oregano, dry, fines herbes, wine, dry white, butter, tomato paste, tomato, whole, can, rice
  11. Pilafi me mythia (mussel pilaf)
    Categories: Greek, Fish/sea, Pilaf
    Ingredients: karen mintzias, fresh mussels, water, salt, olive oil, butter, onion; finely choppped, dry white wine, freshly ground black pepper, short grain rice, chopped parsley, parsley sprigs, lemon wedges
  12. Pilav kuzulu (lamb pilaf)
    Categories: Ethnic, Lamb, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: tomatoes, peeled, olive oil, med. onions; chopped, lamb, cubed, salt and black pepper, cinnamon, pine nuts (pignoli), raisins, green pepper; sliced, long grain rice, fresh parsley; chopped, beef broth
  13. Lemon-orzo pilaf
    Categories: Appetizers, Pilaf
    Ingredients: chicken broth,reduced-sodium, water, orzo pasta, dried leaf basil,crumbled, grated lemon rind
  14. Pine nut and green onion pilaf
    Categories: Mexican, Soups/stews, Pilaf
    Ingredients: rice; regular, uncooked, green onions/tops; sliced, pine nuts; 1/2 cup, margarine or butter, chicken broth, lemon peel; grated, salt, green onion tops; sliced
  15. Bulgur and lentil pilaf
    Categories: Ethnic, Pilaf
    Ingredients: lentils, vegetable broth or water, bay leaf, margarine, onion, chopped, salt & pepper, coarsely ground bulgur
  16. Pine nut pilaf
    Categories: Sauces, Vegetarian, Pilaf
    Ingredients: olive oil, onion, thinly sliced, garlic clove, chopped, brown rice, cumin, turmeric, stock, currants, pine nuts
  17. Quinoa-sunchoke pilaf
    Categories: Vegetarian, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: quinoa, oil, chopped onion, vegetable (or chicken) broth, chickpeas, cooked or canned (drained and rinsed), peeled, chopped sunchokes, peas, fresh or frozen, pepper
  18. Rice pilaf with peas
    Categories: Ethnic, Vegetarian, Rice/grains, Pilaf
    Ingredients: rice, olive oil, onion, chopped, bay leaves, piece cinnamon, salt, freshly ground black pepper, peas, water or stock, parsley, chopped, tomato slices, cucumber slices