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  1. Grant's london broil w/bbq rub ala pitts
    Categories: Bbq, Meat, Pitts
    Ingredients: lemon pepper, garlic powder, pepper, black, fresh ground, cayenne pepper or to taste, paprika, london broil, 2" thick
  2. Kathy pitts beef wellington
    Categories: Meat, Pitts
    Ingredients: tenderloin steaks, thick (at least 1 inch, 1 1/2 inches is better), puff pastry shells, frozen pepperidge farm, liver pate w/truffles imported, mushrooms, fresh; very finely minced, shallot (or the white part of 2 small green onions) finely minced, butter; clarified, several tablespoons, eggs, beaten w/ a tables- poon of cold water