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  1. Chili potato salad
    Categories: Salad, Potato, Low-fat
    Ingredients: diced cooked unpeeled thin, skinned potatoes (1 1/2 lbs, uncooked), (about 17 oz) corn kernels,, drained, each sliced celery and, chopped red onion, chopped red bell pepper, salad oil, cider vinegar, chili powder, garlic, minced, liquid hot pepper seasoning, salt and pepper
  2. Crabby potatoes
    Categories: American, Luncheon, Seafood, Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: red new potatoes, crab meat, chives; minced, parsley; chopped, olive oil, nonfat mayonnaise, nonfat yogurt, lemon juice, parmesan cheese
  3. Lemon pepper potatoes
    Categories: Potato, Lemon, Low-fat
    Ingredients: envelope butter-flavored mix, snipped fresh chives or, sliced green onion tops, lemon-pepper seasoning, water, small red potatoes (6 to 8), cut into 1" pieces
  4. Low-fat garlic mashed potatoes
    Categories: Garlic, Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: russet potatoes; abt 8, garlic, chicken broth, milk, skim, plain nonfat yogurt, chives; thinly sliced, fresh dill; minced, salt, white pepper, lowfat jack cheese; abt 2 oz, fresh chives or dill sprigs
  5. Lowfat chipotle mashed potatoes
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: potatoes; scrubbed,skins on, garlic cloves; minced (more or less to taste), chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, pureed (more or less, to taste), skim milk, salt, molly mcbutter
  6. Oven "fries"
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: yukon gold or russel potato; unpeeled, scrub, olive oil, salt, paprika, fresh ground pepper
  7. Roasted mustard potatoes-daley
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato, Pudding
    Ingredients: vegetable oil cooking spray, dijon mustard, paprika, ground cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper, red potatoes
  8. Scalloped potatoes with smoked ham
    Categories: Low-fat, Pork, Potato, Pudding
    Ingredients: leeks; 5 small, water, onions; sliced, salt, ham, extra lean; coarsely ch opped, pepper, thyme, baking potatoes; peeled, all-purpose flour, lowfat 1% milk, chopped parsley; fresh
  9. Slimmed down scalloped potatoes
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: garlic; peeled, yukon gold potatoes; peel, slice, skim milk, onion; chop fine, salt, nutmeg; preferably fresh, fresh ground pepper, reduced-fat sour cream, parmesan; grated
  10. Sweet potatoes puffs
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato
    Ingredients: sweet potato; cook, mash, onion; grated, oil, skim milk, egg substitute, flour, nutmeg
  11. Un-fried french fries-daley
    Categories: Low-fat, Potato, Pudding
    Ingredients: baking potatoes; about 2 3/4 pounds t, light vegetable oil spray, large egg whites, cajun spice