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  1. Cranberry conserve
    Categories: Christmas, Fruits, Gifts, Relish
    Ingredients: water, brown sugar; firmly packed, cranberries; fresh, *, orange peel; grated, oranges; peeled & chopped, apples; cored,pared &chopped, nuts; chopped
  2. Black bean relish
    Categories: Vegetables, Relish, Mexican
    Ingredients: black beans; canned, *, tomato; finely chopped,1 med, serrano chile; **, red bell pepper; chopped, red onion; finely chopped, white wine vinegar, vegetable oil, salt
  3. Hot pickled vegetables
    Categories: Vegetables, Relish, Mexican
    Ingredients: green beans; whole, celery; stalks, *, carrots; 2 med, **, cauliflowerets, broccoli flowerets, pearl onions, peppers; ***, coarse salt, cider vinegar, water, black peppercorns, cloves; ground
  4. Radish and cilantro relish
    Categories: Relish, Vegetables, Mexican
    Ingredients: radishes; thinly sliced, onion; chopped, 1 med, orange juice, lime juice, fresh cilantro; fine snipped, vegetable oil, salt, pepper; freshly ground
  5. Zucchini relish
    Categories: Vegetables, Relish, Mexican
    Ingredients: zucchini; shredded, fresh cilantro; snipped, lime juice, vegetable or olive oil, salt, sugar, pepper
  6. Papaya relish
    Categories: Relish, Fruits, Vegetables, Mexican
    Ingredients: red onion; chopped, red bell pepper; chopped, red chile; small, *, vegetable oil, fresh mint leaves; snipped, lime juice, papaya; **
  7. Salsa suprema
    Categories: Mexican, Sauces, Relish
    Ingredients: large tomato, chopped, medium onion, chopped, fresh green chilies, chopped, or 4 oz can green chili, garlic salt, monosodium glutamate(option), salt to taste
  8. Mexican salsa
    Categories: Mexican, Sauces, Relish
    Ingredients: 8 oz. can tomato sauce, crushed red chili, cumin powder, oregano, salt, garlic cloves, minced (or, garlic powder), vinegar, juice of half a lemon
  9. Persian sugar-pickled garlic
    Categories: Side dish, Persian, Condiments, Pickles, Relish
    Ingredients: heads garlic, red wine vinegar, water, sugar, whole cloves, black peppercorns
  10. Pickled garden vegetables
    Categories: Relish, Vegetable, Low-fat
    Ingredients: thinly sliced zucchini, green beans, cut crosswise, into halves, thinly sliced onions, red pepper, thinly sliced, salt, cider vinegar, pickling spice, nutrasweet spoonful