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  1. Polly's fiesta quiche
    Categories: Quiche, Restaurants
    Ingredients: eggs, to 6, salt, nutmeg, cayenne, whipping cream, onion, minced, tomatoes, minced, canned chiles, diced, unbaked pie crust, cheddar cheese, shredded, jack cheese, shredded
  2. Baked brussels sprouts au gratin #2
    Categories: Vegetables, Restaurants
    Ingredients: brussels sprouts, butter, green onions, chpd, flour, bacon, garlic, chpd, parsley, chpd, water, reserved from cooking, salt, pepper, cheddar cheese, grated, bread crumbs
  3. Grilled chicken sandwich w/tarragon mayo
    Categories: Chicken, Burgers, Restaurants, Hot sands, Sandwiches
    Ingredients: red wine vinegar, crushed dried tarragon, butter, shallots, minced, mayo, white pepper, whole bonels chicken breasts (8oz), salt and pepper, sandwich buns, lettuce leaves, tomato, opt