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  1. Poulet aux ecrevisses
    Categories: Saveur
    Ingredients: for the chicken:, 4 pound chicken,, cut into eight pieces, salt, fresh ground black pepper, for the crayfish sauce:, extra-virgin olive oil, crayfish, rinsed, cognac, yellow onions, peeled and, chopped, tomatoes, peeled, tomato paste, sprigs fresh thyme, sprig fresh tarragon, bay leaves, dry white wine, heavy cream, salt, freshly ground black pepper
  2. Pieds de cochon farcis (stuffed pigs feet)
    Categories: Saveur
    Ingredients: red wine vinegar, sprigs fresh thyme, bay leaves, black peppercorns, pig's feet, split in half, lengthwise, finely chopped white bread, boiled ham, finely chopped, shallots, peeled and minced, finely chopped fresh, parsley, milk, egg yolk, slightly beaten, dry white wine, salt, caul fat, rinsed