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  1. Almond syrup
    Categories: Beverages, Syrups, Gifts, Jewish, Sephardic
    Ingredients: -water, almonds, ground, sugar; up to 7 cups, bitter almond extract, oranges; juice of, almond syrup, yogurt cold water; 3/4 c
  2. Chai kurdi (kurdish tea)
    Categories: Beverages, Sephardic, Jewish, Kurdish
    Ingredients: india tea leaves, cinnamon;stick, 4" water, boiling, sugar cubes
  3. Mint syrup
    Categories: Beverages, Sephardic, Syrups, Herbs, Gifts
    Ingredients: mint leaves, fresh; chopped boiling water, sugar water, green food colouring, mint essential oil or mint extract
  4. Violet syrup
    Categories: Beverages, Sephardic, Syrups, Flowers, Gifts
    Ingredients: violets; freshly picked unsprayed boiling water, sugar, lemon; juice of water
  5. Melon baal canaf ("melons with wings")
    Categories: Fruits, Harned 1994, Poultry, Sephardic, Yemenite
    Ingredients: cantaloupes, oil, raw chicken or turkey meat chopped, salt, green onions; chopped, parsley; chopped, fresh lemon juice, cooked rice
  6. Spinach fritada
    Categories: Appetizers, Sephardic, Jewish
    Ingredients: cottage cheese, white cheddar cheese; grated, frozen spinach;8 oz,thawed, yellow cheddar cheese;grated, eggs, farval for passover