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  1. Swordfish w/sun-dried tomatoes
    Categories: Sun-dried, Fish, Wrv
    Ingredients: -waldine van geffen vghc42a, lemon; thinly slice, swordfish steaks; halve, 12 oz each, olive oil, oil-pk tomatoes; drain, chop, oil; reserved, dried rosemary; crushed, salt, freshly ground pepper, garlic
  2. Swordfish w/sun-dried tomatoes/olives/lemon
    Categories: Sun-dried, Seafood, Vegetables
    Ingredients: -donna hartman (hddw83b), marinated sun-dried tomatoes, kalamata olives; pitted, lemon; slice thin, swordfish steak
  3. Greek island chicken
    Categories: Sun-dried, Chicken, Ethnic
    Ingredients: -waldine van geffen vghc42a, chicken breast halves; skin, bone, olive oil, onion; chopped, garlic; minced, red bell pepper; cut strips, sun-dried tomato halves; no oil, dry white wine, pitted ripe olives; sliced, lemon; sliced, cinnamon, honey, salt and pepper, parsley; chopped, garnish
  4. Pasta w/bechamel and pesto
    Categories: Pasta, Sun-dried, Low-fat
    Ingredients: penne; cook al dente, oil-pk sun-dried tomatoes; drain, chop, skim milk, olive oil, flour, salt and pepper, basil leaves, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, olive oil, garlic; minced, fine breadcrumbs
  5. White beans, greens & sun-dried tomato crosti
    Categories: Sun-dried, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: dried white beans; soaked, overnight in refrigerator, onion; whole; chopped, to 12 whole garlic cloves salt/pepper, sun-dried tomatoes (not, packed in oil), nonfat plain yogurt, assorted greens(escarole,, arugula, dandelion, or, radicchio); well rinsed and coarsely chopped, red wine vinegar, hot red pepper flakces, or, more to taste, whole grain bread