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  1. Flavored popcorn
    Categories: Snacks, Tabasco
    Ingredients: fresh popcorn, melted margarine or butter, strawberry flavor drink mix, instant cappuccino flavoring, dry blue cheese dip mix with, a dash of garlic salt, curry powder with:, cumin and:, garlic salt, chili seasoning mix, tabasco sauce to taste:, added to melted butter
  2. Spicy nuts
    Categories: Snacks, Tabasco
    Ingredients: butter, garlic cloves, minced, worcestershire sauce, cinnamon, cayenne pepper, tabasco sauce, a few drops, nuts, pecans, almonds,, cashews or a mixture
  3. Chilled red pepper soup
    Categories: Soups, Tabasco
    Ingredients: roasted red peppers (water-packed) rinsed, blotted dry, with all black bits removed, garlic cloves peeled and split, chicken stock, buttermilk, sugar, salt; or to taste, frozen or fresh corn kernels, minced pickled nopales (see note), finely chopped fresh oregano =or=- coriander, tabasco sauce, to taste, low- or non-fat yogurt for garnish, minced fresh oregano =or=- coriander for garnish, flour tortillas cut into 12 sections each, vegetable oil, dried oregano, grated parmesan cheese
  4. Ham bone and bean soup
    Categories: Soups, Tabasco
    Ingredients: 15-bean soup beans or other "ham" beans, ham scraps or fat; divided, ham bone (optional), turkey carcass (optional), celery stalk; sliced, carrot; sliced, bay leaf; crumbled, water (or more), onion; chopped, garlic cloves; chopped, salt, freshly ground pepper, tabasco (optional), finely chopped fresh herbs (optional) -
  5. Hot or cold leek soup
    Categories: Soups, Vegetables, Tabasco
    Ingredients: leek, (about 8 ounces) *, olive oil, onion, (about 6 ounces),, peeled and sliced, chicken stock, potatoes, peeled and cut, into 2-inch cubes, salt to taste (depending on, saltiness of stock), freshly ground black pepper, bread croutons, for garnish, cold milk, chives, chopped, tabasco sauce
  6. Snapper soup
    Categories: Penn-dutch, Soups, Tabasco
    Ingredients: veal knuckle, chicken fat, or:, butter, broth, beef, or:, broth, chicken, wine, dry sherry, flour, turtle **, carrot, diced, onion, finely chopped, celery, chopped, thyme, marjoram, bay leaf, cloves, lemon, tabasco, salt & pepper, egg, hard boiled, chopped, strained tomatoes