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  1. Lemon tarts with pears
    Categories: Desserts, Tarts, Ice cream, Ice crmaker
    Ingredients: milk, light cream, vanilla bean, split, egg yolks, granulated sugar, honey, all-purpose flour, confectioner's sugar, unsalted butter, cut up, egg yolks, egg yolks, eggs, lemon juice, zest from 3 lemons, granulated sugar, unsalted butter, cut up, granulated sugar, water, dry red wine, poached pear slices
  2. Apricot creme tart
    Categories: Desserts, Tarts, Fruits, Bakery
    Ingredients: leaves phyllo, dried apricots, honey, water, agar-agar powder, tofu, vanilla, lemon juice, can apricot halves, apricot jam, melted chocolate, optional
  3. The ultimate butter tart
    Categories: Bakery, Tarts, Mark's
    Ingredients: all purpose flour, salt, ice water, packed brown sugar, corn syrup, shortening, cornstarch, vinegar, vanilla, salt, raisins
  4. Vegetarian mince pies
    Categories: Bakery, Tarts, Desserts, Snacks, Christmas
    Ingredients: currants, raisins, sultanas, cooking dates, candied peel, glace cherries, flaked almonds, ripe banana, peeled, brandy or whisky, ground ginger, grated nutmeg, mixed spice, flour, shortening, cold water
  5. Vegetarian mince pies ii
    Categories: Bakery, Tarts, Desserts, Snacks, Christmas
    Ingredients: fresh ripe pears, chopped, lemon rind, grated, orange rind, grated, mixed dried fruit, candied peel, glace cherries, dates, chopped, flaked almonds, allspice, nutmeg, powdered ginger, whisky or other liquid
  6. Belgian cheese tart
    Categories: Cheese, Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: -----crust-----, shortbread; see recipe # 22 ---tart-----, cream cheese, eggs; large, confectioners' sugar, heavy cream, lemon juice
  7. Breton apple tart
    Categories: Fruit, Apples, Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: -----apple filling-----, golden delicious apples, sugar, butter, lemon juice, dark rum ---breton dough-----, butter, sugar, vanilla extract, dark rum; optional, egg yolks ---variation:breton walnut tart----- ---walnut filling-----, all-purpose flour, light brown sugar, butter, honey, walnut pieces; coarsely chopped
  8. Butter tart pie
    Categories: Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: eggs, brown sugar; packed, corn syrup, butter; melted, flour; all purpose, vanilla salt, currants or raisins, pie shell, 9"; unbaked
  9. Festive raisin tarts
    Categories: Tarts, Pies & past
  10. Fruit tarts
    Categories: Cheese, Fruit, Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: -----cheese tart shells-----, vegetable shortening, american cheese spread; 1 jar, unbleached flour ---filling-----, navel oranges; peel & section, pineapple; crushed; 1 cn, sugar, cornstarch, salt, orange juice, lemon juice, cheddar; sharp; shredded
  11. Pear tart with frangipane
    Categories: Fruit, Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: (9-in) pre-baked tart shell, sugar, 2" piece of vanilla bean; split open, strips of lemon zest; (1" x 2" each), freshly squeezed lemon juice, ripe pears; (bosc, if possib le), whole blanched almonds, milk, 2" piece of vanilla bean, eggs, egg yolks, sugar, flour, butter; in 1/2-in bits, dry or stale macaroons; pulverized, kirsch, apricot jam, kirsch, finely chopped pistachios; (blanched)
  12. Tarte tatin (a 'reversed' apple pie)
    Categories: Apples, Tarts, Pies & past
    Ingredients: puff pastry (2/3 lb, sugar (7 oz), butter (3 1/2 oz), apples (4 3/8 lb), peeled; cored, cuted in ha
  13. Apple cinnamon tart
    Categories: Apples, Low-fat, Tarts
    Ingredients: oats; quick cooking, cinnamon, cinnamon, apple juice, apples; peeled/sliced thin, lemon juice, water; cold, gelatin; unflavored, nonfat yogurt, honey, almond extract
  14. Apple tart
    Categories: Apples, Low-fat, Tarts
    Ingredients: egg whites, sugar, skim milk, flour, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, apples, brown sugar, skim milk; (or water), cinnamon to taste
  15. Fruit tart with brown rice crust
    Categories: Fruits, Tarts, Low-fat, Apples
    Ingredients: cooked long-grain brown rice -- not instant, sugar, egg whites; beaten, cinnamon, light cream cheese, powdered sugar, light sour cream, vanilla, apple jelly, sliced fresh fruit
  16. Lemon poppy seed tart
    Categories: Low-fat, Tarts, Cake
    Ingredients: nonfat milk, poppy seeds, jar (4-oz) baby food pear; puree, egg white; lightly beaten, vanilla, grated zest of 2 lemons, cake flour, sugar, baking powder, lemon juice, raspberries, kiwi fruits; peeled and cut, thin wedges, papaya balls, lemon zest rose; optional, lemon leaves; optional
  17. Pear & anise skillet tart
    Categories: Fruits, Low-fat, Tarts
    Ingredients: all purpose flour, plus 3 t sugar; divided, grated lemon rind; divided, anise seeds; crushed, baking powder, margarine; cut int 4 pcs &, chilled, plus 1 t ice water, med. size ripe pears (appr., lbs), cornstarch, anise seeds; crushed, margarine