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  1. Creamy spinach soup (lf)
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegan, Soups, Mcdougall, To try
    Ingredients: onion; coarsely chopped water, potatoes; peeled & chopped, zucchini; thickly sliced, low-sodium soy sauce;, fresh spinach leaves; tightly packed, pepper; black to taste, enoki mushrooms; trimmed optional, *cals, *gm protein, *gm fat, *gm carbo, *mg sodium, *gm fiber
  2. Garbanzo stew (lf)
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegan, Mcdougall, Soups, To try
    Ingredients: -water, onion; chopped, garlic cloves; minced, tomatoes; chopped, paprika;, dried oregano;, pepper; black, hot pepper sauce;, garbanzo beans; drained & rinsed, winter squash; peeled & diced, spicy tomato juice, fresh spinach; chopped, *cals, *gm protein, *gm fat, *gm carbo, *mg sodium, *gm fiber
  3. Mushrooms with wild rice (lf)
    Categories: Low-fat, Mcdougall, Vegan, Main dish, To try
    Ingredients: wild rice, water, low-sodium soy sauce, yellow onion; chopped, celery stalks; chopped, water, white button mushrooms sliced (about 2-1/2 cups), fresh shitake mushrooms, chopped, oyster mushrooms, chopped, enoki mushrooms, trimmed, snow peas; quartered, red bell pepper; diced, low sodium soy sauce, dried sage, poultry seasoning, fresh ground pepper to taste, *cals, *gm protein, *gm fat, *gm carbo, *mg sodium, *gm fiber