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  1. Lemon honey spread
    Categories: Lemon, Sauces, Gift, Holiday, Topping
    Ingredients: sugar, butter
  2. Mock sour cream
    Categories: Dip, Appetizer, Topping
    Ingredients: low-fat cottage cream, fresh lemon juice(or more), low-fat buttermilk
  3. Non-fat whipped topping (health valley)
    Categories: Low-fat, Topping
    Ingredients: nonfat milk, instant nonfat dry milk; solids, honey; up to 2 ts to taste, vanilla
  4. Sugar free whipped topping
    Categories: Low-fat, Topping, Cake
    Ingredients: instant dry milk, cold water, lemon juice, sugar, equivalent-sugar substitute, vanilla
  5. Topping, low fat whipped
    Categories: Low-fat, Topping
    Ingredients: evaporated skim milk, cold water, vanilla extract, unfavoured gelatin, sugar, lemon juice
  6. Whipped topping
    Categories: Low-fat, Topping
    Ingredients: instant nonfat dry milk, ice water, sugar, vanilla
  7. Fudge sauce
    Categories: Dessert, Chocolate, Sauce, Topping, Gift
    Ingredients: evaporated milk (1 can), sugar, unsweetened chocolate (4 squares), margarine, vanilla extract, salt