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  1. Is it a fruit or is it a vegetable common sense version.
    Categories: Fruit, Vegetable, Quiz, Test
    Ingredients: apple, artichoke, asparagus,, avocado, string bean, beet,, broccoli,, brussels spourts, cabbage,, carrot, cauliflower, celery,, corn, cucumber,, eggplant, grape, lettuce,, onion, parsnip, pea, peach,, pear, pepper,, plum, potato, radish,, raspberry, squash, tomato,, watermelon
  2. "sauteed" mushrooms
    Categories: Non-fat, Low-cal, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: mushrooms, thick sliced, water, garlic, clove, crushed, lemon, juice of
  3. Artichoke hearts toscana
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: oil; from dried tomatoes, garlic; minced or pressed, onion; chopped, mushrooms; sliced, prosciutto; sliced, chopped, dried sage, sun-dried tomatoes, oil-packed -- drained and c, dry white wine, water, artichoke hearts, salt and pepper
  4. Artichoke potato au gratin
    Categories: Vegetable, Casseroles, Low-fat
    Ingredients: artichokes, lemon juice, water, potatoes, oil, olive, thyme leaves, garlic salt, black pepper, bread crumbs, stock, chicken
  5. Asparagus salad - daley
    Categories: Cheese/eggs, Appetizer, Low-fat, Salad, Vegetable
    Ingredients: asparagus spears; trimmed, nonfat yogurt, blue cheese; crumbled, lemon juice, chives, garlic; peeled and minced, tomatoes; cored and wedged, salt and pepper; to taste, fennel
  6. Baked ziti with roasted vegetables
    Categories: Low-fat, Pasta, Vegetable
    Ingredients: eggplant; cut in 1" cubes, red onion; cut in 1" cubes, yellow peppers; chopped, olive oil, salt ---tomato sauce-----, olive oil, onions; finely chopped, garlic; minced, crushed red pepper, fennel seed; crushed, tomatoes, canned; crushed, salt, fresh ground pepper, sugar, thyme, fresh parsley; chopped ------------------ --------------, ziti pasta; 1 package, spinach; chopped, mozzarella cheese, lowfat; shredded
  7. Bean dip
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-cal, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: diced green chiles, green onions,chopped, garlic powder, unsalted tomato sauce, ground cumin, vegetarian refried beans*
  8. Broccoli with penne
    Categories: Pasta, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: broccoli florets, roasted garlic; minced, parsley; minced, broth or stock, red pepper flakes, penne; cook al dente
  9. Brown-rice soup with asparagus - daley
    Categories: Low-fat, Rice, Soups, Vegetable
    Ingredients: brown rice, asparagus, celery; chopped fine, onion; chopped fine, carrot; chopped fine, thyme, chicken broth, defatted, green onions; minced, parsley; chopped fresh, soy sauce, low sodium, hot pepper sauce, fresh ground pepper, parsley sprigs; for garnish
  10. Butternut squash and chestnut soup
    Categories: Soups, Prevention, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: celery stalks, coarsely chopped;, leeks , chopped;, canola oil;, defatted chicken broth;, cooked and pureed butternut squash;, cooked and peeled chestnuts;, minced fresh ginger;, fresh thyme;, mace;, white pepper to taste;, nonfat sour cream;, calories; 2 11/16 x gm fat;, percentage of cals from fat;
  11. Butterscotch yams
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: yams; cook,peel, quarter, light corn syrup; or dark, firmly packed light brown sugar, evaporated skim milk, butter, salt, cinnamon
  12. Caramelized onion pizza
    Categories: Pizza, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: olive oil, onions; sliced, salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, kalamata or gaeta olives; pit, chop, fresh rosemary; chopped or, dried, recipe quick-rising pizza dough, part-skim mozzarella; grated
  13. Carrot cake
    Categories: Low-fat, Cake, Vegetable
    Ingredients: all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, salt, firmly packed brown sugar, plain nonfat yogurt, vegetable oil, eggs, egg whites, vanilla extract, carrots; shredded ---orange glaze-----, confectioner's sugar, fresh orange juice
  14. Carrot-dandelion soup
    Categories: Soups, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: vegetable oil, onions; chopped, garlic; minced, eggplant; peel, cube, parsley; minced, carrots; sliced, potatoes; peel, cube, ribs celery; chopped, kidney beans, dandelions; opt, salt and pepper, stock or water
  15. Cauliflower with new mornay sauce
    Categories: Low-fat, Sauce, Vegetable
    Ingredients: cauliflower; cut florets, skim milk, all-purpose flour, 1% cottage cheese, gruyere cheese; shredded, salt, fresh ground white or black pepper, parmesan; grated, unseasoned fine dry bread crumbs
  16. Chef seeger's braised vidalia onions
    Categories: Vegetable, Low-fat
    Ingredients: onions, sweet, brown sugar, stock, beef; defatted, parsley; optional
  17. Cilantro mint sauce
    Categories: Low-fat, Sauce, Vegetable
    Ingredients: non-fat yogurt, green pepper; chopped, scallions; chopped, ginger, cilantro; minced, honey
  18. Classic french onion soup
    Categories: Soups, Prevention, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: thinly sliced onions;, olive oil;, whole wheat flour;, defatted beef broth;, defatted chicken broth;, bay leaf;, thyme;, black pepper;, hot-pepper sauce , minced fresh parsley;, french bread, toasted;, grated parmesan cheese;, calories, gm fat, percentage of cals from fat
  19. Corn patties
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: eggbeaters, baking powder, flour, salt and pepper, corn
  20. Curried chicken salad - daley
    Categories: Low-fat, Salad, Vegetable
    Ingredients: chicken breast halves without skin -- cooked and, peas, carrot; julienned, celery seed, golden raisins, red cabbage; shredded, green apples; chopped, scallion; chopped, celery; peeled and sliced, nonfat yogurt, nonfat mayonnaise, curry powder, lemon juice, black pepper; to taste, dijon mustard, shallot; minced, red cabbage leaves, tomato; halved, parsley
  21. Curried eggplant
    Categories: Ethnic, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: eggplant; cube*, oil, ginger, salt, turmeric, coriander, cayenne, non-fat yogurt, cooked rice, parsley; minced for garnish
  22. Eggplant pizza
    Categories: Pizza, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: eggplants; cut 1/8" slices, salt, recipe quick-rising pizza dough, tomato sauce, part-skim mozzarella; grated, mushrooms; sliced, fresh oregano; chopped or, dried, fresh ground pepper
  23. Fat free "french fry" slices
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: russet potatoes, washed and scrubbed, salt, pepper, & chives, olive oil spray
  24. Fat free cowpeas (field peas)
    Categories: Peas, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: dried cowpeas (sometimes, called field peas), bottled water to cover, (avoid tap water if poss.), large onion, sliced, red or green bell pepper,, large-diced, bay leaf, beef, chicken or vegetable, stock concentrate, liquid smoke, flour, pan-browned a light, golden color,shaking the pan, the whole time to keep from, burning
  25. Fat free mashed potatoes
    Categories: Side dish, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: potatoes; peeled and chopped, butter buds, black pepper, milk, skim; more if desired
  26. Fresh asparagus salad
    Categories: Salad, Low-cal, Low-salt, Vegetable, Low-chol
    Ingredients: fresh asparagus, garlic,minced, water, red onion,minced, extra virgin olive oil, red pepper; seeded, thinly sliced, dry sherry, water chestnuts; thinly sliced, brown rice vinegar, lemon juice
  27. Fresh corn pudding
    Categories: Corn, Casseroles, Vegetable, Low-fat
    Ingredients: -dash red pepper 1 tbsp minced green pepper 2 tsp. sugar 1/4 tsp. mace 1/2 c egg substitute 1 c. evaporated skim milk
  28. Garlic pudding
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: garlic; roasted, pureed, flour, skim milk, eggbeaters, oil, parmesan
  29. Indonesian spring rolls
    Categories: Appetizer, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: water chestnuts, can pineapple, oil, scallions; chopped, garlic; minced, bean sprouts, mushrooms; diced, salt and pepper, wonton wrappers, eggbeaters
  30. Low-fat potato croutons
    Categories: Snacks, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: potatoes, pepper red bell, fennel seeds, onion, vinegar, balsamic, cayenne pepper, spike seasoning, cooking spray
  31. No-fry french fries
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: large baking potatoes; scrubbed*, olive or vegetable oil, garlic clove; minced, salt, coarsely ground black pepper
  32. Olive garden heart healthy chicken/pasta
    Categories: Chicken, Pasta, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: -----waldine van geffen vghc42a-----, pasta shells, fresh spinach, chicken breasts without skin -- grilled, cut1", garlic; chopped fine, olive oil; or, vegetable spray, chicken broth, nutmeg, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese; grated
  33. Orzo and portabello mushrooms
    Categories: Side dish, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: portabello mushrooms, (before cooking) orzo, sundried tomatoes, cloves minced garlic (or to, taste), capers (or to taste--this, recipe is pretty loose it, is, all to taste, really), each of thyme, marjoram, and, oregano, white wine, salt and crushed red pepper, to taste
  34. Pickled garden vegetables
    Categories: Relish, Vegetable, Low-fat
    Ingredients: thinly sliced zucchini, green beans, cut crosswise, into halves, thinly sliced onions, red pepper, thinly sliced, salt, cider vinegar, pickling spice, nutrasweet spoonful
  35. Pickled gazpacho (lf)
    Categories: Soups, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: tomatoes; diced fresh or canned with juice, bermuda or other mild onion; chopped, pepper, green bell; seeded and chopped, cucumber; peeled, seeded & chopped, sweet pickle; chopped, garlic; peeled, tomato juice; (or a mixture of tomato juice and cold water), red wine vinegar;, sweet pickle; finely minced, onions, green; finely minced, pepper, red bell; finely minced, salt;, pepper, ground;, parsley; finely minced, fresh dill; finely minced, *cals, *gm protein, *gm carbo, *gm sodium
  36. Pizza primavera
    Categories: Pizza, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: recipe quick-recipe pizza dough, part-skim mozzarella; grated, plum tomatoes; sliced, zucchini; sliced, mushrooms; sliced, onion; sliced, plus 2 tb fresh basil; chop, salt and pepper
  37. Potato-parsley soup
    Categories: Soups, Prevention, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: leek;, olive oil;, garlic, minced;, defatted chicken broth;, diced red potatoes;, snipped fresh parsley;, grated nutmeg;, snipped chives;, calories;, gm fat;, percentage of cals from fat
  38. Quick 'n' easy minestrone
    Categories: Soups, Prevention, Low-fat, Vegetable, Soup/stew
    Ingredients: olive oil;, head green cabbage, shredded;, chopped onions;, frozen italian green beans;, frozen lima beans;, frozen sliced carrots;, can coarsely chopped tomatoes;, can cannellini beans, pureed, water;, dried basil;, black pepper, to taste;, calories;, gm fat;, percentage of cals from fat
  39. Refried beans
    Categories: Appetizer, Bean, Cake, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: uncooked pinto beans, cloves garlic,minced, ground cumin, chopped onion, canola oil, * exported from mastercook ii *
  40. Rice stuffed tomatoes
    Categories: Rice, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: cooked rice, olive oil, onion; chopped, garlic; roasted, minced, green peppers; chopped, parsley; minced, pulp from tomatoes, tomatoes, parmesan
  41. Roasted garlic and paste
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: head garlic, olive oil, olive oil, roasted garlic, water, salt and pepper
  42. Roasted mustard potatoes
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: light veg. cooking spray, dijon-style mustard, paprika, cumin,ground, chili powder, cayenne pepper, baby red potatoes
  43. Roasted summer vegetables
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: red bell pepper; seed,strips, yellow bell pepper; seed, cut strips, red onions; cut wedges, summer squash; 1/2" thick strips, zucchini; 1/2" strips, garlic; slice thin, olive oil, fresh oregano; chopped or, dried, fresh parsley; minced, balsamic vinegar
  44. Squash pudding
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: onion; chopped, green pepper; chop, raisins, cornmeal, water, salt and pepper, acorn squash; cook, puree, capers, thyme, olives; chopped
  45. Steamed chicken with vegetables
    Categories: Poultry, Steamed, Low-chol, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: bonelesschicken breasts, remove skin and trim all fat, salt and pepper to taste, carrots,finely diced, tomato,peeled,seeded,diced, shallots.minced, clove garlic,minced, fresh rosemary,chop fine, lemon,sliced thin
  46. Stir fried asparagus
    Categories: Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: asparagus, chicken bouillon; instant, water; cold, mushrooms; sliced, fresh, water, cornstarch, vegetable oil spray; or 2 tbp veg. oil, pepper; fresh ground blk
  47. Sweet tater stuffin
    Categories: Side dish, Low-cal, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: onion, chopped, celery, chopped, sweet potato, mashed, whole wheat bread, cubed, pecans, chopped, thyme, dried, marjoram, dried, sage, pepper, skim milk, egg whites, slightly beaten, tamari soy sauce
  48. Three-cheese zucchini parmigiana
    Categories: Cheese/eggs, Low-fat, Italian, Vegetable
    Ingredients: dry bread crumbs, grated lowfat parmesan cheese, garlic, basil leaves, dried oregano, zucchini, egg whites; slightly beaten, lowfat ricotta cheese, parsley; minced, salt, lowfat spaghetti sauce, lowfat mozzarella cheese; shredded
  49. Turkey frittata
    Categories: Diabetic, Poultry, Vegetable, Low-fat
    Ingredients: onion; sliced, garlic clove; minced, oil;, mushrooms; sliced, frozen spinach; dry chopped, lemon juice;, ground black pepper, turkey; chopped, eggs; beaten
  50. White beans, greens & sun-dried tomato crosti
    Categories: Sun-dried, Low-fat, Vegetable
    Ingredients: dried white beans; soaked, overnight in refrigerator, onion; whole; chopped, to 12 whole garlic cloves salt/pepper, sun-dried tomatoes (not, packed in oil), nonfat plain yogurt, assorted greens(escarole,, arugula, dandelion, or, radicchio); well rinsed and coarsely chopped, red wine vinegar, hot red pepper flakces, or, more to taste, whole grain bread