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  1. Bernard's southern cooked greens
    Categories: Emeril, Veggies
    Ingredients: smoked ham hock, thick slab bacon, chopped, (about 5 slices), vegetable oil, chopped onion, chopped garlic, 12-ounce bottle beer, tabasco, salt and freshly-ground, black pepper, crushed red pepper, loosely-packed washed greens, (such as kale, collard,, mustard and, beet)
  2. Emeril's creole succotash
    Categories: Veggies, Main dish
    Ingredients: garlic; minced, shallots; minced, olive oil, corn kernels, fresh or frozen, lima beans or fava beans, fresh or frozen; cooked, tomatoes; peeled, seeded, chopped, onion, yellow; roasted, chopped, emeril's creole seasoning see recipe, beer or nonalcoholic beer, basil, fresh; chopped, oregano, fresh; chopped, thyme, fresh; chopped, red pepper sauce to taste, worcestershire sauce, vegetarian, to taste